1. J

    installing garage floodlight to 3 pin plug

    Hi, I recently bought https://tekled.co.uk/products/30w-pegasus-flood-light-pir-motion-sensor-4000k-cool-white-ip65 to replace a existing floodlight that has stopped working. Original cable was just fed through a garage vent into a 3 pin plug so was going to replicate this. The new cable is a...
  2. MattSawyer

    Newbuild - Outdoor Tap Location

    Hi All, First time poster on DIYnot :) I've recently purchased a newbuild home and have an issue with the outdoor tap. I'm unsure where I stand in terms of regulations and whether the developer is obligated to solve the issue detailed below. Any guidance you guys have would be super...
  3. R

    Restoring a healthy look of a wooden doorbell

    Dear DIYnot members, I am looking to give this wooden doorbell panel a bit of TLC, but I don't know what oil or paint to use in this situation: The panel is exposed to the elements. I don't think it has massively changed from its original colour - perhaps became a few shades brighter. Any...
  4. T

    Simple Outdoor Garden Light Installation

    Hi there, I'm planning on installing an outdoor garden light (lamp post type with three 60w bulbs). It will simply be wired with a 3 amp plug, as don't wish to wire it permanently into the lighting circuit. I already have the socket available right at the consumer unit which is handy. I'm just...
  5. JD2012

    Can I Varnish over Cuprinol Shed Treatment?

    Can I Varnish over Cuprinol Shed Treatment? My shed is painted with Cuprinol Forest Green. I repaint it once a year. I have noticed the Cuprinol around and on the door has been sort of scoured off with the rain. Could I paint varnish over it without stripping back to the wood? Thanks :)
  6. Z

    Installing Outdoor Lighting

    Hi All, New to the forum, looking for some advice. I'm a fairly competent DIYer and have completed some other minor electrical stuff recently... I'm looking to install some outdoor lights in my new house as currently have none. There is no existing lighting circuit outside or sockets, however...
  7. John459

    Water feature cable

    Hi, Need to extend the cable to a water feature. The cable is going to be chased it to a breeze block wall. what is the best thing to connect cables to extend? this Or Or neither? it will be buried in a wall... ta
  8. C

    Small toddler playhouse base

    Hi, The missus has ordered a small playhouse for our toddlers birthday. It's a TP Meadow from Argos which is 1m x 1.3m. The area she would like it situating in is currently grass. What would be an easy to install base, we have seen plastic mesh, or small cheap flags, alternatively some used...
  9. S

    Cable post lamps off existing junction box

    Hi I've got an outdoor security light at the front of the house - cable exits the external wall into a junction box and then the light connects off the junction box. I've stuck a photo below. I'm relaying the driveway this year and thinking about fitting a couple of free standing post lights at...
  10. H

    Porcelain tile overhang

    Hi, Complete novice here but fancy a bit of DIY ... Laying 2x 600x600 porcelain tiles as step in front of our doorstep (so 1200x600). Mrs wants brick surround but if I'm taking typical dimensions of bricks that will mean on the front and sides the tiles will overhang by 4cm. Quite like the...
  11. J

    Outdoor power supply

    Hi Im new to this forum, hopefully im in the right area for this. Ok, so i need power outdoors to power some decking lights (16 x 0.6w) and a pond fountain, which i believe was around 400w- may be wrong there but its definitely a very small amount. So, i have no power in that area. Closest...
  12. F

    Wood rot on outdoor window frame advice please!

    We recently found a large patch of wet rot on one of our outdoor frames, which has been looked at and we've been told the whole frame probably needs replacing because of where it is... so that's fine. We also found some smaller patches on our other window frames, of soft, flaky wood. These...
  13. T

    Extending Mains Cable for Hutch Heater

    hi all, we have an outdoors socket which we want to power a heater for our guinea pig hutch, only the power lead on the heater is too short. I can cut the lead and add a longer lead with new plug of course, but is there something I should use for the join in the wires since it will be outside...
  14. S

    Sealing off a Lean to

    Hi all, I'm wanting some advice about a lean to off my house I'd like to seal off. We bought an 1880's cottage last year that, like all cottages, is fairly small and tight for space. We have a wonderful South Facing garden that I've really enjoyed growing food in, and I'm trying to make it...
  15. S

    Pond pump tripping RCD?

    at the end of the garden, about 40m from the house, is a pond. In the pond is a 320W pump that pumps water up to the top of the garden (4m head) which then runs down a stream to the bottom pond again. From the CU at the house, the supply runs via a RCD through a buried armoured cable to a shed...
  16. eveares

    Gas patio heater - Are they efficient?

    I am looking at a 12Kw FireFly gas patio heater from Primrose, and just wondering how long will they run for on average based on a Full 13KG Propane bottle with a 12Kw burner on it's highest setting? How does the efficiency compare electric patio heaters? Reagrds: Elliott.
  17. barnsley7

    how can i level concrete ground ready for an outdoor swimming pool?

    I've got this 12ft diameter x 80cm in height, outdoor metal framed swimming pool. The only possible location is on this 12ft x 12ft slabbed patio. (I say 12ft - when i got it out i measured it as 10ft but the box says 12ft, so that's confusing - unless these things expand?). Anyway, it slopes...
  18. barnsley7

    outdoor extension for a 12ft swimming pool filter from inside house...

    I've just bought a 12ft diameter outdoor swimming pool. its a bit like this one...