1. S

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 - Reset to Factory

    Hi all, can anyone help... I have access to the engineer code 112233 and 1234 now after doing the reset using the method posted below on a previous post on this website: • Pulled fuse/mains power • Disconnect Batteries • Disconnect both tamper wires • Disconnected all other PIR / BELL / wires...
  2. Y

    Siemens SI 14.44 iQ700 washing machine reset for an F43 error

    Hi. We have a Siemens WI14S440GB washing machine - aka SI 14.44. It threw an F43 error the day, so I've taken it to bits and replaced the brushes (both of which had worn to under 10mm) - but the F43 persists. The new brushes are installed correctly and in contact with the commutator and the...
  3. J

    Enforcer alarm door replaced - door contact now showing open

    Hi can anyone help, had our front door replaced, door contact was pulled off which triggered a tamper. Tapped in code to cancel the sounding alarm. The door contact was fitted back to the new door as it was, however we are left with a yellow warning flashing on the panel and can’t get rid of...
  4. N

    Menvier TS690 - code not working since power loss

    Hello, I have a TS690. After a recent power cut the battery also died. When power came back, the alarm would not silence saying battery fault, so I disconnected from mains and ordered a new battery. Fitting the new battery (whilst still disconnected from mains so not to activate outside...
  5. R

    candy cdcf 6 error

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the dishwasher candy cdcf 6. When I turn on the dishwasher, LED keeps blinking in the glass state. I also hear a beep every 30 seconds. Maybe someone has faced with this problem? Thanks for any reply.
  6. B

    Help required in resetting Eurosec

    Hello To all, Recently I bought a house . The alarm type is Eurosec ( I believe it is CP8L) The previous owner mentioned that they never used this alarm and they forgot the code. The display shows "Mains Flt" I don't know what this means, Is there anyway to make this alarm working. Please help me.
  7. Podgkin

    Underfloor heating thermostat, resets when active

    Hello, The issue is similar to this thread? Don't know what to do (or if it's the same) as there's no follow up....sorry. :confused: The thermostat is a TH132-F. Connected to a conservatory floor of approx. 10m²...
  8. G

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, so something about me: Living in UK for the last 13 years. Working as an electronics/acoustics engineer. Designed many audio related products and automatic test equipment systems. Got two patents in acoustics. Now about my problem: Recently I got two second hand...
  9. C

    Zanussi ZDF14001WA dishwasher stuck on 2hr Programme

    Hi, I have a Zanussi ZDF14001WA dishwasher that is stuck on the 2hr programme which starts as soon as the dishwasher is closed - this usually requires the start button to be pressed. Switching between programmes on the dial doesn't seem to do anything. Just wondering if there are any button...
  10. R

    Euro Mini Hard Reset

    Hi All, I have recently got a Castle/Pyronix Euro Mini system where the original installer is no longer assisting me. I am trying to reset the system completely and then programme it myself - to allow the installation of extra sensors, and also to change some of the settings only available in...
  11. C

    Honeywell Galaxy Series 2 help please!

    We have the above alarm. Originally installed by ADT a decade ago, it used to text us when it went off but that feature hasn't worked since we cancelled our monitoring contract and had some dodgy alarm men come and reset the whole box (ADT didn't give us the engineers code when we left and...
  12. R

    C and K 800l Entry issue

    Hi guys I really hope someone can help us. We have just moved into our house and the alarm goes off when we open the front door and walk in front of a sensor. I have gone into engineer mode and set the correct sensors to "walk through" but the alarm still goes off. Also, everytime I have to...
  13. cbthomas2006

    Dimplex heater won't turn on after reset (timer issue?)

    Hi, I have a Dimplex panel heater of unknown model (but it appears to be old), and the manual has gone missing. The unit appeared to stop generating heat while switched on, so I pressed the Reset button. This made a click but then caused the lights in the two red switches on the side (which...
  14. N

    Galaxy 2-12 reset - what about my wireless zones?

    Hi folks, Just moved into a new home where we've inherited an unmonitored ADT fitted Galaxy 2-12. Upon setting the alarm we are met with a "comms failure" failure message, which we must bypass before being able to set the alarm. I have no engineers code, so looks like my only choice is to...
  15. C

    Galaxy G3 Reset Engineer

    Hi, We have a Galaxy G3 C520 system but the previous owners cancelled the contract when they left, and we're left with 'CALL ALARM CO QUOTE CODE XXXXX'. Is there any engineer in the Leicester/Derby/Notts area who could set the thing so we don't have to subscribe to ADT to get a reset code?