smart heating control

  1. S

    Upgrading Danfoss controls to something smarter

    Hi, I'm new here, and I'm new to central heating, but I'm keen to learn. I'm still working my way around the house trying to understand the current setup, and how it works. My aim is to replace the 2 Danfoss controllers (and sensor) with a smart control setup, such as Wiser or Tado, or even...
  2. N

    Smart Heating Control Advice

    Hi All I have had a search through previous posts and google, but everything I find seems to get me more confused. I have just had a new Vaillant boiler fitted, an ecoTEC plus 838 combi. It is just the boiler at present, operated by the controls on the front only. My plumber is offering to...
  3. eveares

    Can you group Hive TRV's together where there is more than one radiator in a room?

    Hi all, for a long time I have just had three Hive TRV's. One in my bedroom, one in my bathroom and one in the spare bedroom. I have just installed 6 more Hive TRV's for the remaining radiators in the house (except the main bathroom rad what intentionally does not have a TRV) and wanted to know...
  4. P

    Hot water but no heating (Tado Wireless Starter Kit)

    I installed a Wireless starter kit last night however, we only have hot water and no central heating I followed the instructions from the Tado app for the install. I bridged the connections where the old thermostat was removed. The only way I could get the heating to work was to reinstall the...
  5. G

    Advice on new Smart Central Heating and UFH system

    Hi All, I am getting a new Central heating system installed and looking for advice on the best design. The heating system will consist of the following components: System Boiler. Megaflo. 2 Zone Underfloor heating. 15 Radiators. I have narrowed it to the Heatmiser Neo stat system or...
  6. D

    Remote control of heating without Nest/Hive or similar

    Sorry this is so long! Situation: I'm often away from home for a week or more, and want to be able to switch the heating on before I return - but I don't want to go the full Nest/Hive etc or rely on a third-party service. My last place had a combi gas boiler which fired on demand, if either...
  7. Chandan Rai

    Drayton Wiser Smart thermostat Valiant Ecotec Pro Combi Boiler fitting

    Hi All, I am looking to fit Drayton Wiser thermostat with my combi boiler. Because Controller is on the Combi boiler. I have only a temperature controller where i can set the temperature for the house. I have clicked some images after opening my combi boiler. Things which i learning that i need...
  8. Neil T

    Honeywell t6r hw

    I’m looking to change a Honeywell T45 to a Honeywell T6R HW. Y plan system boiler with existing thermostat in the hallway and control box next to the boiler. Can anyone tell me which wires go where and which ones will become obsolete when I take out the old rotating thermostat from the hallway...
  9. X

    Help with Drayton Wiser installation.

    Hi Folks, I need some help with replacing an old Danfoss TP5 wired thermostat with the "Drayton Wiser multi-zone kit 1". Current setup: Danfoss TP5 wired thermostat with two wires connected to it. Please see photos. Boiler: Worcester condensing Boiler: Greenstar 24i JUNIOR combi MK 4 I spoke...
  10. S

    Smartfit Heads

    Hi, I've been looking into integrating my smartfit system with an evohome and I've quickly realised it's not possible. I'm going to have to replace my controls but I'd really rather not have to do any plumbing... With that in mind does anyone know of any suitable actuator heads I can use with...
  11. S

    Smart Heating

  12. D

    Danfoss TP9000, TP5000 & Smart Heating

    Hello all, I'm thinking of buying either Tado, Hive or Nest for my house. I live in a relatively new build 3 story townhouse in the UK with the Danfoss TP9000 thermostat / hot water programmer on the ground floor next to my Ideal Logic 15 boiler, a Danfoss TS2 sensor in the living room. Then...
  13. S

    Drayton Wiser and Vaillant Boiler

    Hi I have a cpl of question, but I'm also posting as this might help others trying to get Drayton Wiser to work properly with Vaillant (or other boilers). Setup: ecotec plus 418, S plan, installing Drayton Wiser smart controls (currently 3 rad valves). Problem: the boiler is short-cycling...
  14. S

    Can wiring be changed to avoid bypass loop?

    Hi all quick question.... My system: Vaillant EcoTech 418, S-Plan system, 2 zones (HW unvented cylinder + CH). There is a short loop with auto bypass valve. System works fine but I am attempting to upgrade to smart controls (Drayton Wiser). The new controls seem to operate via short bursts of...
  15. J

    Salus IT500 & Baxi Combi Instant 105e

    Hi Folks, I am replacing installing a Salus IT500 onto my current Gas Boiler. I'm pretty sure that my wiring is correct (but could be mistaking) When I select Manual the Boiler comes on and works using the Boiler Thermostat but when I go to Auto the light goes out and boiler shuts off. I...
  16. M

    Nest gen 3 - Y plan - fitted but heating will not switch off

    Hi everyone, So after reading the many other threads about problems with the nest, i cant find any issues which match mine. I'm pretty sure i have a Y plan system and that i have wired the Nest correctly, after wiring it in the heating and hot water all come on but the heating will not switch...
  17. S

    Hive Hive Active Heating for a Potterton Profile 100e?

    Hi, I've just seen the new offer by AO for Hive thermostats for £120. I am thinking of buying this as it seems a decent price, but had not enough time to thoroughly research if it fits my old boiler (a Potterton Profile 100e). Sadly I do not have the funds to change the old boiler and as it...
  18. J

    Worcester Bosch CDC classic with 'Wave' controller

    Looking for some advice and or comments regarding my new combo boiler. I had a new Worcester Bosch 38cdi Classic combi boiler and smart 'Wave' controller / thermostat installed last January (i.e. 10 months old) by a local gas safe registered heating engineer. Everything appears to be working...