1. M

    Sockets with built in USB - can any sparkies recommend one that doesn't hum/whine!

    Hi all, I'm going to be replacing a couple of sockets in a bedroom soon and want some with built in USB ports. The current one I have is a cheap BG branded one and gives off an annoying whine/hum which I gather is quite common in cheap ones. You only notice it when a couple of feet away, but...
  2. M

    Remove 5A sockets

    I have a 2-gang light switch. One switch controls the main light in the room, and the other controls 4 5A sockets in the walls. I would like to remove the 5A sockets. What is the correct way to do this? Can I simply cut the wire going at the second switch, and plaster over the 5A sockets?
  3. M

    Remove socket without blanking plate

    I have 3 sockets in a line in my room and would like to remove the middle one. Is it acceptable to connect its wires with wagos, put these in a wagobox, and use expanding foam to fill the cavity and polyfill over?
  4. Moonhead

    3 pin plug to socket

    I've got a plan to wire a 3 pin plug to a wago box that will then feed 2 single sockets, one on either side of the bed (effectively an extension cable with fixed outlets as far as I'm concerned). I'd like to do this instead of a spur. Any reason not to do this as long as the plug is fused...
  5. bettz1

    Replacing dishwasher washing machine switches

    Just wanted to check that these are the correct switches to replace the ones we've currently got in our kitchen,on the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. Replacing these
  6. M

    Kitchen island power

    Morning all I'm after some advice on the best way to go with this. Sadly, when we had a big extension and kitchen fitted a few years ago, I didn't get power sockets fitted into the island. Big mistake! I'm now trying to see how easy/hard it would be to retrofit power to the island. I...
  7. U

    Advice on socket heights for new extension?

    Hi all, I'm going to be running 1st fix in for sockets in my new extension and have come across a dilemma that I hoped someone on here could give me a definitive answer for. The extension 'extends' an existing dining room wall that has two sockets (part of the existing ring) in the wall. The...
  8. A

    Socket circuits joined togther... somewhere

    I recently bought a house, and an electrician has been round and found that both wall socket circuits are joined somewhere, meaning that when one is off at the consumer unit, all sockets are still getting power. They have said that all sockets in the house will need to be removed and tested to...
  9. U

    Best Method for Splicing into a Radial Power Circuit?

    Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice on extending an existing radial circuit in my home (England, UK). I'm fairly experienced with basic electrical works, and regularly convert homes to 'smart homes', however the following has me stumped. The house was rewired 5-6 years ago, prior to my...
  10. M

    Advice required to fit 2 x new sockets in bedroom

    Hi everyone, I have an upcoming project that I would like some advise on please... I am going to be redecorating a bedroom which only has one double socket at present. I would like to add an additional two double sockets on different walls. My initial thought was that I would do a nice and...
  11. janieJones123

    Opinion: Tile up to worktop or behind fridge

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on what would be best for this particular wall. Ideally I would like to end at the worktop end, but if I do, then I will be tiling half a fused spur, which would probably look a bit crap. Other option is to tile behind the fridge, but I'm not too keen...
  12. G

    FCU Feeding 2 Double Sockets - OK?

    Hi all, I had a similar thread a while ago but not wanting to necro-post it and also to try and ask a more specific question, I wanted to start a new one. So: I have a double socket in a hallway, with 2 cables going into it, so assuming that it's either part of a ring circuit, or the mid-point...
  13. B

    Nest Camera Outdoor - Max Height for exterior spurred socket with FCU

    Greetings all, I've just temporarily installed a nest Outdoor Camera and fed the 25ft of cable through the windows until next week. I then intend to fit an external socket and take the power from that via the 3 pin plug. My idea is to do the following: Convert the unused phone socket next to...
  14. B

    Shaver socket splitters

    I have a shaver only socket in my bathroom but have been charging a toothbrush from it for many years without any problems. Now I would like to be able to charge two toothbrushes simultaneously or 1 brush and one shaver. I can't find any such thing as a 2-pin splitter or even extention lead...
  15. V

    Does a simple Outside socket need Building Regulations?

    I'd like to install an external mains socket on the outside wall of my house in the back garden. This would be a weatherproof IP66 13A socket with RCD. It would be connected as a spur on my ring main with a fused spur switch on the inside wall. Would this need building regulations please? Does...
  16. M

    electrical switch fascia's

    Hi, I'm thinking of putting up a MDF panel cladding on a normal plastered wall. I will have to cut out some holes in the panel(i guess as big as the hole in the plaster) so I can mount the plug fascias on the panel. I'm not breaking any regulations/rules by doing this, am I? cheers
  17. B

    Contact voltage on PE-conductor

    Hi, I'm trying to understand a fault displayed, and I'm hoping somebody might be able to help explain. Recently purchased first home, and decided to use a socket tester to do a quick check of all sockets. I know there are limitations of socket testers (though don't claim to properly understand...
  18. J

    Ring main and isolation query.

    I've recently bought a new Charles Church (Persimmon) home. After moving in i decided to change some upstairs sockets. I isolated first floor sockets with the switch but the sockets in 2 rooms don't switch them off, however the downstairs sockets does in fact switch them off. I spoke to the site...
  19. C

    RCD tripping whilst the other stays on

    Morning all, Whilst washing my car with our power washer the wife turned on the kettle (both were using kitchen sockets) and tripped out one of our RCDs. We have an old house and the kitchen sockets are with the upstairs and conservatory whilst the remaining rooms downstairs are on a different...
  20. J

    Garden office wiring

    some advice needed. Before I ask advice I will be getting any wiring signed off and completed by a qualified electrician before connecting to the house mains. I just want to save some time / money by running the cables around the stud frame of my garden office and want some basic advice if...