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    Registering Unvented Hot Water cylinder (electric)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with my conundrum. I had an electric, unvented hot water cylinder installed last year and the product was registered with the manufacturer. The installer had G3 qualification, which I've checked on Gas Safe register. Apparently though because the boiler is...
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    Grit? in cold water supply blocking taps, washer etc

    Any of you plumbers got any thoughts on this please. Brother in law has Worchester heat only boiler, linked to an unvented cylinder. (Centerstore)... was all new in 2013. He was saying the pressure wasn't very good on his taps... it was the cold feed, which I thought doesn't go through the...
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    Recommendation on cylinders

    Hello! I have a new Vaillant boiler being installed and will install a new cylinder at the same time. Our installer is recommending a UK Cylinders ProLite Air twin coil solar indirect unvented cylinder 300ltr. According to specs the standing heat loss is 1.80 kWh/24h which seems pretty decent...
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    Expansion vessel set up

    Hi all, We have recently had to have our expansion vessel changed on our unvented cylinder set up as the previous one was leaking - we used our home emergency cover and it was fixed yesterday. However, whereas our previous vessel had a bracket built into the body, the engineer admitted they'd...
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    Are there any restrictions to location of water cylinder

    Hi, I have a small flat which has an 80 litre unvented electric water heater mounted on the wall above the stairwell. It seems a strange place, but I can see they have done it to save space in the small kitchen. Are there any restrictions as to where you can have these? Thanks in anticipation
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    vaillant ecotec plus 630 hot water issue

    I have a vaillant ecotec plus 630 boiler. The hot water is not working correctly. Sometimes HW will come on when programmed but not always. HW does come on when the heating and hot water are both programmed to be on. HW is now coming on when the Heating is on but HW should be off. I can...
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    Unvented cylinder loses heat super quickly

    Hi guys Great forum. I have an unvented cylinder which is a Telford Tempest 250 litres with external expansion vessel, which we have the hot water on from 6am - 10pm (gas boiler). But within 2 hours of the hot water going off, the water from the cylinder is stone cold. If I turn off the hot...
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    Installing a programmer/timer for an unvented hot water cylinder with dual immersion heaters

    I wasn't sure if this should go in this forum or in the electrical forum but hoping this is the right place. I've got an OSO Direct 20 RD unvented water heater (210 ltrs nominal storage at 2 bars). This is in a 2 bed flat, electricity only. From reading around and looking at the manual I...
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    Invented cylinder system. How do I know how much hot water is left inside and what temperature?

    I got new plumbing installed last year but I`m struggling to understand how this works as we are not able to see how much water is left inside the cylinder and what temperature. We have set up the Hive to warm water few hours in the morning, then lunch time and few in the evening to reduce...
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    New flat - how does the heating work?

    I moved into a flat in May this year, can't figure out the heating and hot water system. I've tried the FAQ's and searching but can't find anyone posting a question in exactly the same scenario. The letting agent has been useless. The flat has a Dimplex RXPW4 pilot wire controller in the...
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    Replace External expansion vessel on unvented system

    Hi all, Have an unvented system with an external Aquasystem ARB18 vessel. The install is about 6 years old and in that time the vessel has been recharged once. However, once again it has filled up with water and is likely to break the bracket off the wall. I dont want it replaced with the same...
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    New Boiler Pressure Issues HELP

    Hello Hoping someone can help who has experience of unvented water tanks and boiler issues? It’s a long post… heads up! We have recently just had a new system boiler installed (Ideal Logic +) and I noticed that the relief pipe outside my house was dripping water within a few days. The heating...
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    D2 pipework options for unvented cylinder in loft

    Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I had a search through but I couldn't find anything. I am installing a 200l direct unvented cylinder in my loft. I am running all the pipework up to the cylinder, and the the G3 certified plumber will be doing final connections and...
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    S plan vented to S plan Unvented

    Good evening all, I’m a drainage engineer with a plumbing background. My property is an old 1930’s, has an indirect vented cyclinder, f+e in loft and also water tank storage in loft. Would like to replace the vented with an unvented. Same location as existing, really good mains pressure on 15mm...
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    Changing Vented S plan to Unvented S Plan

    Good evening all, I’m a drainage engineer with a plumbing background. My property is an old 1930’s, has an indirect vented cyclinder, f+e in loft and also water tank storage in loft. Would like to replace the vented with an unvented. Same location as existing, really good mains pressure on 15mm...
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    Main direct unvented hot water cyllinder

    Hi, I've been quoted for a job from a plumber and he's quoting me for a Main direct unvented hot water cylinder. Does anyone know if this brand is any good? The name makes it very hard to search for it online as it keeps returning results for "mains".
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    Old plumbing (galvanised steel?) flow question

    The rising main in my downstairs bathroom looks like galvanised steel- 27mm by my measurements, which eventually joins to 15mm copper in the kitchen. I'm looking to tee off somewhere to feed an unvented cylinder, so need the best flow rate possible. My question is, would the flow rate be better...
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    Extend water main via loft for unvented cylinder

    I'm looking to upgrade my vented system to an unvented system, and as part of that I'm looking to upgrade the 15mm pipe from the stopcock to 22mm. We've got 25mm in to the house and the stopcock is in the downstairs loo, it's in the boxing in of the soil stack. The pipe run to the airing...
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    Heat exchanger, buffer tank or low loss header?

    I'm putting in a completely new central heating system to feed radiators (150m2 of house across two floors - about 13 radiators) and provide hot water (1 shower, 4 sinks). For this, I'll be installing a Samsung 12kw Heat Pump and a 20tube solar thermal array (58mm hot tubes with alcohol fill)...
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    Multizone heating issue

    I have a heat only Worcester Bosch 30kw boiler and a 300L Ideal unvented cylinder. There are 3 zone valves, one for ground floor heating, another for 1st floor/loft heating and the last is for hot water. There is only one return pipe for the radiators. I had this and completely new pipework done...