1. C

    Mouldy wall, old wallpaper, skim or plaster next?!

    Hi everyone, I’m new here. My partner and I recently bought a terraced house, built around the 60s. The old wallpaper in our bedroom wasn’t done to a great standard, and we also struggle with mould which we think is affecting my partners breathing. We had a survey done when we were buying it...
  2. N

    Best product for plaster repair?

    I’ve removed some wallpaper from the bedroom in our 1930s house and the plaster has come away in a couple of areas. 1. Under the window - exposing the timber of the bay window wall 2. Partition wall with another room - guess this is brick with plaster and the skim coat has come off. Based on...
  3. M

    Insulating Wallpaper

    I want to put up insulating wallpaper on a staircase. I want it to not dent too easily and be easy to put up. What would you recommend?
  4. D

    Replacing old bathroom wallpaper with paint

    The bathroom is half-tiled, half-wallpapered. However, it's been maybe 30 years, and the wallpaper is in bad shape. I would like to sort it out myself. I think painting would be easier than papering or tiling. However, I'm not sure exactly what I need to do to get it into a paintable state. As...
  5. H

    Used the steamer on wallpaper border

    Hoping for advice. I've used a wallpaper steamer to remove a border that has been up probably twenty odd year and it has caused patching when I've scraped the paper off. Please see photos. How can I rectify this? Also, there is a strip of paper in the corners. What is this? How can I fix it?
  6. D

    Thermal Paper not sticking

    Hi, Having a problem with some decorating at home. We just bought a house and want to paint in a room that has wallpaper. The paper was textured so we wanted to remove it before Painting. We have taken the paper down and found one wall we didn’t realise has polyester thermal paper under its...
  7. MrsRenovator

    Wallpaper: Centre seam or Centre Panel?

    I haven't wallpapered since the early 90's but I'm going to hang some wallpaper on the wall that faces you as you go down to the bottom off the stairs. The wall is 960mm wide. And it has a wall light fitting centrallly, and a light switch towards the left. Should I put a panel up in the...
  8. A

    Painting on top of wallpaper backing paper

    I've removed the top layer of some wallpaper which has left its backing paper. Underneath the backing paper is lining paper. Can I paint over the wallpaper backing paper or I'm I going to have to strip back to the plaster, reline it again and then paint? Please note I can't paint directly...
  9. M

    Mould behind radiator

    I've just bought a new house and went to start the prep for painting one of the bedrooms. I took the radiator off to discover it was mouldy behind. I didn't realise it was lined with paper. Is there an easy way to fix this without having to re-paper the whole room? Suggestions would be greatly...
  10. Elszeus

    Should I suspicious of this wallpaper?

    What type of wallpaper is this, and should I suspect Asbestos in any of them?
  11. M

    Grey plaster cracked after steaming wallpaper

    I've been trying to steam off wallpaper in our 1920s semi we've just moved into. In the kitchen there's a small alcove which is like to restore as a pantry but having steamed off the textured wallpaper and revealed a grey plaster underneath I've realised it's been wallpapered over to obviously...
  12. jbquality

    Seeing 'steps' on the wall, need fix pleeeease

    Hello! So decided to redecorate a bedroom ourselves. Removed wallpaper, scrubbed, sanded, cleaned, primed, skimmed and one coat of primer/undercoat. My issue is I have a few areas where I can see 'steps' from where I've skimmed, my fault for not sanding well enough in these areas. Can I use...
  13. R

    Matching up wallpaper

    Hi all, I have been asked to try and match up some wallpaper that is currently on the walls inside a family members property, The pattern on the paper is flowery and it looks very similar to Anaglypta - RD80027 / VE80027 but I've ordered a sample of this wallpaper and it's not the same, I...
  14. J

    Moved radiator and missing wallpaper.

    Hi all! We had to move the radiator and can't find same wallpaper anywhere. Can't afford to redecorate the whole room so I'm looking for ideas how to blend it so it can look ok for the time being. It's a big patch of about 160 cm wide under the window. Any suggestions? Or maybe someone knows...
  15. C

    Wallpaper flaking paint how to repaint without stripping?

    Hi, I've got a couple of places where the wallpaper has flaking paint. Is it possible to repaint without stripping either the paint or wallpaper? I read about Toupret filler but this wallpaper is patterned. The image shows the chimney breast at the top of the stairs. I've since scraped more...
  16. R

    Matching up textured wallpaper

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone can help? Recently purchased a property and there is some painted textured wallpaper on the ceilings of two rooms - I have tried to search for the same pattern on anaglypta / graham and brown websites etc but I can't seem to find it...
  17. Derekbirmingham

    Wallpapering a patched plaster wall

    hello people im derek from birmingham and this is my first venture into wallpapering.. I live in a 50’s x council house and im in the process of steam stripping a bedroom wall with the view of repapering.. From the photo would it be a good idea to cross under paper first before i put the main...
  18. J

    Paper over Zinsser Wallpaper Cover Up?

    I've used some (a lot) of Zinssers Wallpaper Cover Up to prime and cover some vinyl wallpaper, with the intention of painting over with emulsion (as directed on the instructions). The Zinssers has done a brilliant job of adhering to the vinyl, but I think the walls would benefit from a layer of...
  19. P

    Wallpaper Curling and Shrinking after Month

    Bit of a long story, but will try to cover the facts! Wall was professionally replastered September. Wall was sized with 3 coats of Contract Matt And Water 50/50 October. Wall was papered with Superfresco Easy (Paste the wall) December 5th. Come January 2nd, the edges of the paper have shrunk...
  20. S

    Wallpapering over unusually shaped external corner

    Hi, Does anyone know the best way to wallpaper over the external corner which has an unusual shape as per attached pics? The external corner is rounded which is no problem but at the top and bottom it peaks or slopes into a right angle. I just want to avoid making several awkward cuts that...