waste pipe

  1. D

    Hopper overflowing

    Hi First time poster here after some advice. I’ve noticed the hopper is overflowing when there is a high flow rate. The pipe going into is from the bathroom basin. At a low flow rate it is fine however at a fast rate, the water flows/spills over the side of the hopper. What is the best way...
  2. E

    Granny Annexe

    We are looking to put a granny annexe next to our home. Except our garden is 15 feet below the main home as it’s on a hill. So it would be against the retaining wall. Main main question is waste as the mainpipe would be well above headheight at the main house. Is this possible?
  3. J

    Washing machine pump waste

    Hello Installing washing machine in remote location under stairs/ no drain near by here’s what I’m proposing but never done before so thought I’d have an ask, Fit washing machine with hose into hockey stick trap then connect to Grundfos sololift C-3 lifting station, core through the wall to...
  4. AdFromEssex

    What sort of drain is this?

    Hello again, On changing the bathroom suite, I have found the bath drains in to this hole, with the sink draining into a similar hole beside it that leads to the same drain. The bath waste pipe came out with ease, which leads me to worry that the bathroom floor could flood in the event the...
  5. D

    New Bathroom - Drainage, Pipes, is this plan good?

    Hello I am about to start my tiling in my upstairs bathroom which I delayed from last year. I just made a quick sketch of my drainage plan. Please see below, is it all good for Uk Regs. My Building Officer told me that it is best to use 50mm. then connect your 40mm pipes to it. Using riding...
  6. Ronsil82

    Using a shower base as a washing machine waste?!?

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can offer some help. We have an old shower at the back of the house and would like to put the washing machine in there. The shower base raised and I wondered if it is possible to use the shower drain as the washing machine waste. I would want to run the waste pipe...
  7. L

    Waste pipe flowing wrong direction?

    Hi guys, So I’m desperately after some advice! Since moving into our house a few years ago the sewer pipes always get blocked. We’ve had professionals clean them but they still clog up after a few months. What I believe to be happening is my waste pipes are not on a steep enough gradient and/or...
  8. C

    push fit or compression fittings for waste pipe

    Hi quick question I used two 90 push fits bends to connect the 40mm waste to down pipe. Now when every hot water goes down it makes a knocking/creaking noise that is driving me mad. Guessing it is from heat expansion. Do compression joins have the same problem? As I was just thinking of...
  9. R

    Soil pipe mayhem

    Hi All We are buying our first property and have what we suspect is an exposed 4" soil pipe running along the kitchen ceiling. The pipe has been boxed in and it's there as a result of an extension. What possibilities are available to fully conceal the pipe or redirect it? We have attached a...
  10. M

    Shower/Bathtub waste into ground

    Hi All we just discovered that our shower and bathtub waste is going to a small pipe that does not appear to be connected to the main sewer... this was all discovered by chance as we recently moved into the property and I was working on the front garden, it looks like the previous owners have...
  11. B

    Connect to bend of soil pipe

    I HAVE already installed the soil pipe in the concrete slab. I have NOT yes put the insulation or screed. As a last minute change I now want to put a wet room in the room immediately next to a toilet room. Ideally what I waned to do was to connect the drain from the wetroom into the soil pipe...
  12. robodelfy

    Soil stack mistake, any solution?

    Hi, I'm doing my soil stack, but having to attach it 13cm away from the house to leave space for external wall insulation which I'm having done in a few months. I thought I was doing well! For the two runs of 40mm waste, I intended to use two 135° bends to get the 40mm pipe closer to the wall...
  13. D

    Free standing bath

    Hello, I don’t really know anything about plumbing so not sure if anything I’m describing makes sense. I’ve just got a new freestanding bath delivered and it’s currently in the bathroom sitting on top of 2 planks of wood waiting to have the waste connected. I’ve got a 40mm compression elbow...
  14. I

    38mm European waste pipe to 40mm UK compression waste fitting

    What's the best way to ensure a watertight fit connecting a 38mm European / continental waste pipe to a 40mm UK compression waste fitting without using a 38mm to 40mm adaptor prior? The reason not to use an adaptor is because there is no space. Note, a 40mm compression fitting on a 38mm pipe...
  15. D

    Grey water in shed

    Hey All, I am building a concrete block shed with an outdoor (roofed with bifold doors in front) kitchen. I want to have there gas bbq, small gas hob, both connected to the same gas bottle, and a little sink. That way i can spend more time outside and cook there. I would use sink to wash hands...
  16. Mr_Deep_

    Advice on installing new waste pipe please

    Hi guys I'm am refurbishing my ensuite and would like to install a toilet in the process as there isn't 1 in there as it is. I have been told I can connect to the existing waste pipe that leads to the manhole - Which currently drains away the waste water from the kitchen sink at the back of...
  17. robodelfy

    Does basin waste pipe need 'drop' under floorboards?

    I'm just about to run my previously exposed sink feeds and waste pipe into the wall cavity. I notice the horizontal part of the waste pipe that runs a couple of meters and joins the bath waste and goes outside, it just lies on the floor. Does it need to have a drop so the water drains outside...
  18. robodelfy

    Old lead waste pipe, can I cut it?

    Ripping out my kitchen I found what appears to be an old lead waste pipe. It has some cloth stuffed in the end, maybe it's still connected to the waste and that's to stop the smell? I need to cut this down to fit the new kitchen, would it be ok to go as low as I can with a hacksaw? Then what's...
  19. Derekbirmingham

    Sink unit waste help

    Hello you great people. Ive just fitted and had a plumber plumb for an argos sink unit in a back bedroom for me brother to live. Anyway i put the sink together and tap and simply connected them to the pipes the plumber plumbed in last week. Anyway im trying to work out the waste pipe...
  20. P

    Is this product suitable as a solvent cement for abs pipes?

    I have this at home: Glue and I need to solvent-weld these abs drain piping: pipe and elbow Can I avoid purchasing solvent cement? Or would that present some problem? Thanks.