waste pipe

  1. Mr_Deep_

    Advice on installing new waste pipe please

    Hi guys I'm am refurbishing my ensuite and would like to install a toilet in the process as there isn't 1 in there as it is. I have been told I can connect to the existing waste pipe that leads to the manhole - Which currently drains away the waste water from the kitchen sink at the back of...
  2. robodelfy

    Does basin waste pipe need 'drop' under floorboards?

    I'm just about to run my previously exposed sink feeds and waste pipe into the wall cavity. I notice the horizontal part of the waste pipe that runs a couple of meters and joins the bath waste and goes outside, it just lies on the floor. Does it need to have a drop so the water drains outside...
  3. robodelfy

    Old lead waste pipe, can I cut it?

    Ripping out my kitchen I found what appears to be an old lead waste pipe. It has some cloth stuffed in the end, maybe it's still connected to the waste and that's to stop the smell? I need to cut this down to fit the new kitchen, would it be ok to go as low as I can with a hacksaw? Then what's...
  4. Derekbirmingham

    Sink unit waste help

    Hello you great people. Ive just fitted and had a plumber plumb for an argos sink unit in a back bedroom for me brother to live. Anyway i put the sink together and tap and simply connected them to the pipes the plumber plumbed in last week. Anyway im trying to work out the waste pipe...
  5. P

    Is this product suitable as a solvent cement for abs pipes?

    I have this at home: Glue and I need to solvent-weld these abs drain piping: pipe and elbow Can I avoid purchasing solvent cement? Or would that present some problem? Thanks.
  6. bettz1

    Plumbing waste kitchen sink help

    Right we've fitted a new sink and are trying to Plumb it up the waste pipe any idea what we'd need to buy? The pipe needs to be cut to fit under the sink That's with the pipes supplied.
  7. S

    Should my bathroom waste be vented?

    Hi I've got a recently built extension with a bathroom. The shower trap is letting sewerage smells come up from it. I've been doing a bit of research and I'm thinking that the issue may be that the soil stack is not vented. The waste from the shower, bath and basin connect to this stack on the...
  8. C

    Cast Iron Waste Pipe Fittings

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I live in a block of flats and i am going to be redoing my bathroom. I plan to move my toilet and sink but will need to change the waste pipe systems. Now the main waste pipe runs through the corner of my bathroom (which will be boxed in). However i need to...
  9. 1

    35mm Copper Waste for Bath - Connection Help/Advice?

    I am in the middle of fitting a new bathroom. The current waste pipe for the bath is 35mm copper, which I know is below the minimum requirement of 40mm for building requirements. The house is really old and was built in the 60’s and hasn’t been touched since so the current system has worked up...
  10. fatmcgav

    Garden Office water and waste

    So as I've mentioned here, I'm currently planning a Garden Office build at the end of our 30m garden. The building will contain a small kitchenette, for tea's/coffee's etc and a small cloakroom with hand basin, so pretty minimal requirements. I'm now at the point where I need to start laying...
  11. M

    cast iron soil to plastic fittings

    Hi All, I am moving my toilet to the other side of the vertical soil pipe. Currently its a cast iron (looks to be 110mm) fitting. I am hoping that the section to the toilet can simply (with a bit of banging to loosen) be lifted out and a new plastic joint exiting to the right can be fitted. This...
  12. G

    Shallow kitchen waste pipe under patio

    Afternoon, I have removed several old patios (!) to restore the ground level outside my house before laying a new one and taken the opportunity to replace the old waste pipes with pvc plastic, and make a few mods before installing a new bathroom etc. I was wondering how I should cover the pipes...
  13. B

    Geberit frame bend angle

    Hi, I have installed the waste pipe as seen in the attached photo, making sure I have a fall of 1:4 to 1:3 from invert of the bend at the frame to the invert of the 4” pipe at the face of the bend ( the distance is 1400mm) that goes into the outside soil pipe. However, I’ve just seen few...
  14. B

    Toilet waste fall

    Hi, the horizontal length of 4” pipe from cistern frame to the face of the 92.5 degree bend which goes into the main stack pipe, is 1400mm and has a fall of 45mm i.e 1:31.6, is this okay? I’m aware 1:40 is the standard. See attached for more details. Also the joint of the bend and the 4inch...
  15. J

    New Waste Pipe Connection

    Hi all, Looking to install a small washroom in the first floor of my house. There is a single bathroom on the ground floor of the property underneath the stair. Wondering how best to connect in to existing drainage. Conscious that Regs state max. 6m for toilet and 3/4m for basin/shower. Without...
  16. A

    Leaky pan connector

    I’ve recently fitted a concealed grohe cistern (this one https://www.grohe.co.uk/en_gb/rapid-sl-3-in-1-set-for-wc-0-82-m-installation-height-38773000.html) and am now fitting the wall hung pan (...
  17. J

    lower storey CI soil replacement

    Hi, I have an 8 foot section of a cast iron stack that is failing and is from ground to plastic above. It was originally external but is now internal to a garage (and tucked in to the corner). It just serves the upstairs bathroom and all inlets are in the higher level plastic pipe. The CI...
  18. A

    Stand alone washing machine drainage

    I'm going to be buying a new kitchen within which the washing machine will be isolated from the sink / dishwasher and will need it's own drain. I'm proposing to run this in the floor, directly into the foul waste, however am unclear about the requirements of the trap. I've had a look at the...
  19. Y

    Connecting loo to sewer and AAV

    We have removed a macerater from our ds loo and will be connecting with the inspection chamber in the garden. The setup currently looks like this. Pictures attached. I have notified BC but I haven’t been able to speak to anyone with it being Easter. The air admittance valve on the white pipe...
  20. 5

    Toiler macerator - Horizontal run first?

    I'm looking to install a macerator in an underground room. I need to pump the waste up to a 4" soil pipe at ceiling level but, because of ceiling joists and the position of the existing soil pipe, I will struggle to do my vertical run first, as I know you are supposed to do. Running the...