1. H

    Yale nightlatch unlocks in both directions

    Hello, I recently installed a Yale PBS1 nightlatch. Everything worked as expected, but I wanted to touch up some of the gaps in my chiselling, so I took the lock off the door to do so. When I re-fixed the lock, the bolt now unlocks by turning the handle or key in either direction. Previously...
  2. C

    Yale Alarm disarm doesn't work 'sometimes'

    I have a 'round shaped' Yale alarm with a keypad, this has worked faultlessly for years. However yesterday the alarm didn't disarm. I pressed the green 'unlock' button, then the passcode, the lights on the keypad lit up as they normally do, but those flashes then stopped and the alarm didn't...
  3. S

    Yale alarm 2nd siren

    hi I have a Yale ef kit I have a second siren model number hsa6050 Do you know how to set up Best regards Serge
  4. K

    Yale Control Panel Alarm CONSTANT alarm!

    Hello there, First time poster been driven to the site by a constant alarm notification going off in our home! 10 days ago now, my family were woken by a distant (but very noticeable) alarm noise. Not like a house alarm where decibels are high, more a constant repetition Pip Pip...Pip Pip Pip...
  5. thompa25

    Moving house with Yale smart alarm

    Evening, Im moving house in the morning and planning to leave the yale smart alarm at the current property for the new owner. Im struggling to find a way to do a factory reset or something of that nature, does anyone know. I could just remove the devices, but dont know if the hub could just be...
  6. bettz1

    Yale Platinum lock barrels right or wrong size?

    Looking at changing our door locks & handles and were trying to measure up the lock barrel we've borrowed my sister's barrel as she lives down the road and has the same house as ours shes got a Yale Platinum lock barrel 50/50mm do you reckon this is the correct size or would it be better to go...
  7. M

    Can motion detection on CCTV trigger alarm?

    Hi, I have decided to install Yale security system after when some teenagers were trying to break into my shed. Apart from normal home security I wanted a system which will monitor movement in my garden and when motion is detected then it will start recording, inform me on the phone when I am...
  8. J

    Yale HSA 6400

    Hi I’m in the process of fitting my new alarm! I know it’s not the greatest but for my budget is better than nothing! Just a few questions if the door sensors or PIR sensor was to go flat whilst I am away will it trigger the alarm or just disable the flat sensor? Also when arming or disarming...
  9. T

    Yale Apartment Easy Fit Kit 4 - help!

    Hi there, I have a Yale EF4 Apartment Kit, with an additional PIR and two additional window/door sensors - about two and a half years old now. Purchased in Dec 2015 it has been operating perfectly since I installed it. However, recently it has started acting faulty since I changed the...
  10. R

    Yale EF Alarm - arm and disarm by different methods?

    Hello I bought one of the standard Yale EF Alarm Kits (with a remote button keypad, not a digital one) and two key fobs. The alarm kit is this type - https://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/products/smart-living/ef-series-alarms-range/ef-series-standard-alarm-kit/ Is it the case that if I arm the...
  11. J

    Yale Premium B-HSA6400 Calling Issue

    I have the above stated Yale alarm installed and working fine for a while now. My issue is that when the alarm attempts to call the 3 listed emergency numbers it for some reason cannot call one of the numbers. I have triple checked the number is correct and the alarm system manages to dial...
  12. Y

    Yale ENA Smarthome panel wont let me use it!

    Ive had an Yale ENA "Smarthome" alarm for a while, but today i made the dreaded mistake of entering an incorrect code 5 times to access it. Now the system just beeps at me furiously no matter what key i press and nothing else works. I cant login. Tapping the Engineer button to try and log in as...
  13. J

    Yale HSA6400 Siren issues - going off when not set/armed

    Hi, My Yale HSA6400 system has been installed for around 6 months and working fine. The last couple of weeks the siren has been sounding when the system is not armed. It then will not disarm when our code is entered. There is a slight 0.5 second break once the unarming code is entered but then...
  14. P

    Yale EF Alarm - Added a keypad, external siren sounds

    hello I have had an easy fit telephone alarm system fitted for a year now. This week I added a new device....a keypad. Now when I come home and disarm it, the external siren sounds. Internally the alarm doesn't go off and there is no indication on the screen display to note that the alarm has...