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13 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
Some time ago I ordered an item from a company and yesterday received a text telling me that it was ready for collection. However, we are in lockdown at the moment so this morning I decided to cancel my order by phone. The agent said that cancelling was not a problem but wondered why I wanted to cancel. When I explained that I did not consider that my item was really essential she told me that I had got it wrong and that all diy outlets were considered to be ‘essentials’ and therefore collecting my item was permitted under the current rules. She suggested that if it would make me feel any better then when I called to collect my order, I should pick up pack of light bulbs too, these being definitely essential’ items.

All that said snd even though the whole family disagree with me, I still feel that if the police stopped me they would be within their rights to fine me for breaking the lockdown rules. What do members think?
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this is where things get confusing, as non essential shops are allowed to do click & collect (example NEXT etc), which contradicts the only go out for essential journey's rule.

DIY / trade outlets are allowed to be open as per normal with social distancing in place, however again the rules are these should only be for essential purchases also.

the word of essential can mean different things for different people, for example i am currently decorating a room for an office, this i consider as essential as i need it to work, at the moment i'm getting by working at the dining table, but it's less than ideal.

so in essence your wrong and right, and so are your family

hope thats cleared things up :ROFLMAO:
Shops are closed for direct purchasing unless an essential service but online ordering is still available for non-essential goods. If those goods are delivered to the store, it would then become an essential trip to collect them. I think the idea is to cut down on contact but help businesses to survive. Go and collect your goods, keep the business going and people employed.
I just collected packing tape.
Is it essential?
No, but we need to live somehow.
I didn't meet anyone on my way there and the guy at Toolstation was behind a screen and wearing gloves.
Safe enough if you're scared of catching the deadly virus.
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So it was b and q then I assume?

Why are people so seemingly scared of naming companies on forums nowadays?
It is allowed, you'll never be stopped in the first place, and even if you were you shouldn't get fined, and even if you did it'd be revoked after the inevitable Twitter storm.

Reducing the chances to catch or spread Covid-19 is important, but click and collect is low risk.

But if you're looking for an excuse not to do that painting that you've had on your to-do list for three months then I agree with you, it's unacceptable risk at the moment.
I happily subscribe to the idea that if the shop is open, you can visit it to buy things.

After all during part of these lockdowns, some shops have been open, but "non-essential" items have been cordoned off.

So if it is available to purchase, go ahead and do so. Just take the usual precautions.

If you are shielding or vulnerable, you could limit your exposure by asking someone to pick it up for you, or have it delivered.

Don't forget the rules say:

Leaving home
You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to:

  • shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person
  • go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home

So, you can shop for basic necessities, or someone else can do so on your behalf. And those people are allowed to deliver them to you.
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unlike lockdown 1 where the DIY shops offered a click and collect , - and our woodyard closed except for TRADE only and not able to actually go into the stores. Lockdown3 the DIY stores are now open. Which makes NO sense really with a more contagious disease.
even the Garden Centres are all open not sure how essential they are.
During lockdown i went to wickes/screwfix/toolstation on a click and collect and they were great - good social distancing - items brought ot a table by the door.
Whats the item
In scotland they have specified DIY Stores ONLY for essential upkeep to property.
I read yesterday of the police fining some bloke who travelled to collect a new bumper for his car. He argued that it was essential car safety maintenance, but the police said it was a non essential cosmetic item.

DIY sheds are open and you can certainly buy a new pot plant if you like.
So it was b and q then I assume?
No, it wasn’t B&Q!
Why are people so seemingly scared of naming companies on forums nowadays?
I can’t speak for others but I hate to admit that what I thought were simple complaints have in the past ended up with one I was complaining about being demoted from financial advisor to teller, another losing his job and in the past 6 years, 2 giving up their profession entirely. Regarding the present post, I did not state the name of the firm because I didn’t want to see the agent in particular be reprimanded when they were only trying to help.
Yep, I've been too B&Q and Wickes in the last week, and I did wonder if what I was doing was essential, and decided if asked, I'd say the house was not a totally safe environment for a family and as we all must be home, I must fix it!
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