Angela Rayner

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Which bit of "you have not seen evidence or called witnesses" don't you get?
The facts are known. The outcome of what ?
No. Some facts are possibly available.

The outcome of the police and hmrc investigations, or have you seen them?

Do you always guess and use partial unconfirmed information in any legal setting?
The facts are known.
thats true

Greater Manchester Police said: "nothing to see here"

the tory MP James Daly wrote to them saying he wanted it reinvestigated....but has flatly refused to state for what reason.

we know why: Because he is bullsh1tting and is scared of getting sued

Goodness knows why you support these slimy grifters
It wont go anywhere, the electoral fraud is not the issue. The tax evasions and hypocrisy is.

Oh, tax evasion, you say?

And who said this?

Tax evasion is illegal. please provide evidence to substantiate your claim.

Evidence, you say?

if you or the multi-millionaire labour fan boy have evidence of tax evasion, I'm sure HMRC would act and not need to be "prosecuted" or whatever the plan is.

Did you provide your evidence to HMRC? Have they provided you with the results of their investigation, to support your allegations of tax evasion?
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