Angela Rayner

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Claiming she's been cleared of all wrong doing? Next you'll be claiming you need approval from two doctors to get abortion meds or that she's entitled to a grant for the improvement work.
The biggest question it raises for me is whether the ruling political party should be able to bully a police force into investigating a political opponent.
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You can't sue someone for defamation because they reported you to the police.
nice strawman, answering something I never said

James Daly was asked in interviews what crime he thought she had committed...If he had answered then he would have been slandering her, so he didnt

Perhaps you can give an explanation why he was prepared to make himself look like a c***
I am sure Motorbiking will be along to apologise for making false smears against Angela Rayner for 132 pages
Even if she had fiddled the tax ?
I don’t quite see what it had to do with plod any way ? Tis more a civil matter ?? Tax office or council caper ??

I like Angela Raynor

And yes I would ;)
with a comment that they were never investigating tax issues or council tax fraud as this is outside their remit
what were they doing then?

A = forced to be complicit in a false smear used as a political distraction
I am sure Motorbiking will be along to apologise for making false smears against Angela Rayner for 132 pages
Nobody has falsely smeared Angela Rayner.

No Further Action - related to the Electoral offences which anyone following knew were out of time. Nobody (certainly not me) ever expected plod to pursue a criminal case, based on what was in the public domain. She hasn't been cleared of anything. My only surprise is they took so long to decide the offences were out of time.

regarding your other question - I can't answer why he didn't want to share details of his allegation as I'm not him. However, she certainly could not make a claim for defamation had he said any of the following:

- I asked them to investigate her for potential electoral register offences, tax evasion, council tax fraud etc. etc. He could very easily have said the word "potential" and there would be no defamation. Perhaps he didn't want to be accused of prejudicing the case.

Further he's an MP and has parliamentary privileges, which explicitly protects him from such claim.

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