Baumatic BC904SS oven tripping RCD

27 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Can anyone please advise...

I've replaced the blown element in the main fan-assisted oven and now the RCD is tripping every time I turn it on. Fan comes on fine, temperature indicator lights up, temp switch seems to be engaging/clicking with thermostat and then suddenly trips out. Checked the connections on element and at back and all appears okay.

The top oven works fine, as do the grill, light etc in the main oven, however, the temperature indicator light is also intermittently flashing when everything is turned off.
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Disconnect & insulate the wires to the new element then try again, if it stops tripping you have been sold a faulty element, which is not unheard of these days.
Disconnect & insulate the wires to the new element then try again, if it stops tripping you have been sold a faulty element, which is not unheard of these days.

2nd that!
Thanks for your replies guys. I've asked for a replacement element which the seller's kindly obliged to despatch asap.

Can I ask what's the best heat-resistant insulation around the wires/connectors to use and where's best to source from?
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Whats wrong with good old fashioned electrical (insulation) tape?

If you have a meter to hand I would suggest testing the new element when it arrives before installation. If you don't have one you could be cheeky and take it into a shop that sell them just to test your element. Maplins, B&Q, Homebase.
Cheers yardie... I thought the good ol' fashioned stuff would potentially melt!?
I will definitely run a check on the new element before installing!
Keep the two wires separate and insulate with tape and keep them away from the oven housing.
Will be fine for the short time it will take just to test without element fitted.
I doubt a multimeter will be able to do a 100% accurate insulation test on a heating element. Although it is better than nothing don't let it mislead you into thinking it is ok. You can get enough earth leakage in the element to trip an RCD but not show on a multi meter. You would need a proper insulation tester to be sure. The other thing with oven elements is that if they have been in storage for a long time is that they can absorb moisture & cause tripping. Heating them up by some other method can dry them out & make them work properly.
Of course the everyday person won't have a megger or similar and certainly won't be going to the expense for just one use but yes totally agree with you.
Good tip about elements!
Yes I agree with you, I just did not want the op to be confused about whether a replacement was faulty or not. To be honest I forgot to mention that it might be worth trying to dry out his/her first replacement element.
Replacement element fitted. All wires and connections checked...

But same as before.

The oven is still tripping the RCD after being on for a minute or so. Plus, the orange temperature light is intermittently flashing when the main oven is turned off, however goes out when I turn on the top oven.

It would seem that you have gone past a diy repair without throwing parts & therefore money at it. The only other suggestion I could make would be to trace the 2 leads from the element back to their source & ensure the insulation is not damaged anywhere along the line. The temp reg. is the only other component that I can think of that might be faulty & I am not sure if that is an independent part or part of a circuit board on your cooker. As I say possibly too expensive to change unless you are sure it is faulty.
Thanks jj4091 and assuhors.

Traced the wires back and insulation all looks okay, but I may give it another thorough once-over at the weekend before resigning to splashing out on a new oven! I'll keep you posted.

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