Baumatic BC904SS oven tripping RCD

Thanks jj4091 and assuhors.

Traced the wires back and insulation all looks okay, but I may give it another thorough once-over at the weekend before resigning to splashing out on a new oven! I'll keep you posted.
I wasn't suggesting that you need to buy a new oven, just that you need the help of a professional onsite to diagnose the problem. We can only offer advice on our experience of common faults, but we may be way off the mark compared to somebody on site
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Please, Please, Please, remove the wiring from the fan element and switch everything else on,this is a double oven so both ovens then grill,if it doesn't trip after several minutes reconnect the fan element and see if it trips then.The most likely cause is still the fan element,are the replacement elements coming in sealed airtight bags with a silica gel bag in there,if not it's gonna be the spare elements you are getting.
If you really want to eliminate the element is at fault hook up a light bulb in place of the element. Of course be sure to do this safely!
If it still trips you know its the wiring or possibly the fan or control dial.

Have you at any point had the oven turned on its side, upside down or laying on its front to gain acces to parts? Grease could be at fault here! How clean is the oven inside and at the back?
Cheers for all the replies guys. I really appreciate your advice.

Tried again with element removed and all various controls turned on – it doesn't trip. Tried with both of the replacement elements connected and trips every time within the minute (as soon as there's any heat building up).

I've also traced and cleaned the wires/insulation from the element – although it's not too bad, I've done a bit of degreasing at the back of the oven. There doesn't really appear to be any poor connectivity or grease buildup against the wires and connections. The oven's never been on its side.

The oven is very clean inside. Grill still works fine on main oven. So does the fan without element connected.

Not tried the lightbulb test yet, but one of my mates is going to test the elements on his meg at work for me tomorrow.

We're more convinced now that it could well be the replacement elements that ARE at fault. They weren't sealed in any way (and certainly no silica enclosed).

I'll wait for the meg results... and have a search for a different supplier in the meantime.
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Meg test is the best way to go to properly test the element.

The bulb test is just a way to check that its all working with something connected and drawing current, if it still trips you'll need to check other things like the fan for instance.
Not sure exactly how the fan is wired, in series with element?, but if it only comes on with the main oven could be the culprit.
Out of interest does the fan come on when the element is removed?
Well, I fitted the replacement element last night – looked a much better quality product, sealed in bag with silica gel and... works perfectly! So it appears that the two previous elements from a different supplier were at fault after all.

Nonetheless, I've taken in some really great and helpful advice from you guys, plus it's given me a good excuse to give the oven a complete overhaul and thorough clean throughout.

Thanks so much for your feedback and support!
Thats great news!!!

And a lesson to us all regarding buying new elements! Not always to be trusted.

Did your mate meg test the other elements and what were the test results?
My mate only did a basic test... it measured 0.5M ohm so a lowish resistance which explains the tripping!
Well that explains it then.

Wonder how much lower that figure gets when the element is actually in use

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