Boiler repaired / boiler failed

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This is priceless

OP - You have a serious problem, I bet it's very hard to pronounce. Keep going this is good entertainment
Rather than keep posting abuse, and ridicule, which is what I've come to expect from the boiler industry, take your money, and rip you off, then laugh and joke at the customers expense.

Did anyone read the post that stated 'After being fixed, then it broke again, it has now STARTED working again', and I ask, why would it do this, to which I see no reply? And how reliable / safe is it to have a combination of gas, water and electricity in close proximity, when it is clearly not reliably fixed?

Such a joke to you all. I think a rule of being a member on here, is that if you are giving gas advice, then the rule should be that you post your gassafe (ex corgi) number, as a rule to advise people. That way, when you are taking the pi$$, you are easily reported to your masters.

There was a poster further up, that stated 'I'm registered with Gassafe, but not Corgi' - surely should know that Corgi doesn't exist in such a capacity. But do respond to emails to me.

If you show and tell your registration numbers, also a good way to get a look at your ugly mugs, because I have checked. So less abuse, and more help maybe? You are being watched.
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you never answer my question do you want me or some else to come and have a look
i do stand by my orginal advice about ravenheaps, but not the first i have fixed and won`t be the last
I also agree that anyone posting on a forum who do so with their full name available. Some forums do that already and one particular gas on done not get any abusive postings.

Unfortunately, here where people are allowed to do so totally anonymous some are regularly quite abusive.

Whilst I would have no qualms posting my gas safe number, as we are not permitted to give gas advice then there does not seem to be any need for it. Furthermore, several giving advice are not gas registered anyway.
Mickey my friend you are the one that has posted to CORGI.... I think I know who I pay a registration fee to.

And GS are certainly not my masters. I am . I run my own company.

Don't think I have abused you yet either - although i seem to see that the Admin have removed some of your posts specifically because of abuse.

So ask me this - who is really breaking the rules?

Pretty easy to work out my GS number anyway. Bring it on.
you never answer my question do you want me or some else to come and have a look
i do stand by my orginal advice about ravenheaps, but not the first i have fixed and won`t be the last

If you or a fellow proper engineer in the area, would take the time out to check my boiler, that would be such a great help. But as it's working, I find it hard how you would find a fault. Maybe you could look at the faulty part removed, and explain how another engineer managed to break it on installation? And provide a written report as to how that happens? And be a witness in trading standards/small claims court.

But I'd not like to be charged more, or visited, so that people can pour more ridicule upon me, regarding this boiler. As is evident above.

If the offer is genuine, and has complete discretion, then by all means, visit. But a disclaimer must be signed, as I don't think the offer is 100% genuine. I'd like to think there was some goodness in human nature.

A diverter valve diaphram was shredded. The new engineer fitted a new one, but bent its shaft, so it didn't operate. new engineer straightened pin, so it does operate...then gas fail. Unrelated fault. Then it starts working again.

Still nobody answers. And the confidence of being a username, when a user posts up a incorrect town of where they think you live? Surely that breaks forum rules?
well my phone number is on my page if you want to ring if it`s broken but
i don`t presume to know what another engineer did or did not do as i was not their at the time and i know from persoanal expriance thing can go wrong which is not the last mans fault.

but if breaks you can ring
I for one would not go near your boiler or house with all your talk of litigation and MPs and all sorts :LOL:
Not very conducive for a nice working environment.

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