11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
A few days ago, we got a parcel from Amazon.

The address was exactly our address, but the name was someone we did not know.

I know who the previous few owners were (back to the mid-eighties) and it's none of them.

I logged in to my Amazon account and it has not been hijacked. I rang Amazon and they agreed my account was unmolested. She could not explain how this happened, who did it and why.

But she did say the name of the person who ordered it "sounded Russian."

She didn't seem at all bothered about it and said that if it happened again, to let them know and they might do something about it.

I'm a bit upset that Amazon don't seem to care that someone was able to send a package to my address via their system.

What do you guys think?
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The name of the third party is protected under data protection laws, but Amazon should be able to record on your account that only purchases made by you can be processed. Personally during lockdown it was useful to use the facility to send pressies etc direct.

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Or is your address 28 and it should of gone to 2B but when the label was written it came out being 28?

I know it sounds strange but I know someone that this happens to regularly.

Find the product and leave a 1 star review with a photo of your hand holding it as proof you have it.
That might stop them sending them to you.
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