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11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Went swimming with one of my lads the other day. As usual, I did not take a mobile. I got a taxi there and decided to get a bus back, but the bus on that road did not run on a Sunday so I found the nearest phone box to ring Mrs Secure for a lift.

It was filthy on the outside, the foliage had grown around it and it was difficult to open the door. Once inside it smelt like a urinal (some things don't change I suppose) and was just as filthy.

I discovered it was a card-only kiosk, so my lad dialled the freephone number to find out how to place a call. It turns out you have to listen carefully, press several numbers, and then memorise another number you have to dial to make the call (why not "press 4 to make your call now"?)

So he redialled the number several times because the recorded message kept breaking up and eventually we remembered the 2nd number between us. It was only after entering my debit card details that I was told how much the call would be (never mind 2p, 5p, 10p 20p or even 60p) was £2.20-something for the first minute!

And it wasn't BT offering the service but some third party.

The biggest joke?

A grubby poster inside the kiosk extolling the virtues of using a phone box - it is quieter in there than trying to use a mobile on the pavement where it is so noisy...
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There were none. Happily. Try explaining them to your son...
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Friend of a friend plans to have an old phone box in their garden together with an old traffic light as conversation pieces. Apparently it's the trendy thing to do. "Tacky" was the word I used!
You should come to Hull, and see some proper phone boxes:
We have lots of breaks in Derbyshire, Peak District, and in many of the small villages the phone boxes have been converted to a mini library. Based on trust, you just take a book you fancy and leave another one in its place.
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