Car warranties

I think if I saw a new part fitted under warranty, Id be happy with it - but of course thats not possible with an oil filter if its a cartridge type or even with the oil thats been poured into the engine.....we dont know what it is, but we do hope its the correct stuff.
John (mointainwalking in Switzerland :cool: and having a ball - albeit rather crippled this evening!):)

My comments were aimed at new cars and their owners, John. I can't imagine how people reckon that a manufacturer is supposed to judge if they are/were competent to maintain their vehicle and who would pay for this judgement.

I used to live in Neuchâtel and found Swiss life delightful. I imagine you are probably in the Bernese Oberland or maybe Graubünden ? In either case it's quite a change from your yachting holiday.
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For sure, I know exactly what you mean (y) when I see some of the clangers dropped (oil filler cap left off on one occasion :eek:
Im in Grindelwald, renting an appartment at the foot of the Eiger - totally blown away with this one although Ive been here several times before.....Ill probably have to sell a kidney to pay for this one :mrgreen:
Absolutely stunning views, and the weather is with us too, so far.
John :)
No worries, John, there is transport if you need it. Perhaps you have tried one or two of these already?

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Sure have! Making full use of the cablecar and train network over here which works brilliantly.....nothing
hazardous mind, travelling up the mountains and walking back down. Legs full of lactic acid and somewhat shorter than when I set off :eek: :)
John :)