Cleaning rusty bolts?

lol :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

I think somebody is trying to take the mick here.

I might be wrong but I don't think you can get galvanized bolts under M8.
Anybody know any different?

So, is it stainless steel or Bright zinc plated bolts? The exposed parts mainily the heads and washers will be hammerited.
But that might be a shade darker or lighter than the semi gloss powdered coated rails! :rolleyes: And there are 21 m6 bolts (just the head and washers exposed) and 4 M8 dome headed bolts with head, washer and bottom end of threads showing.
The 21 bolts hold down the fence rail into the internal threaded bolts which are fixed into the brickwork and the 4 domed screwbolts are used to join to another short rail near the front door
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OK.......Seriously as JohnD says use stainless, but if you wish to go the extra mile, do the following.
Underneath your steel washers use some black rubber washers.
Powder coating, which is a fairly brittle coating, will chip/crack as you tighten the bolts up, and this is where rust will start initially.
funnily enough, at my previous house, my neighbour used to mend his roof with Titanium offcuts. I thought he was using bits of zinc until he dropped a bit and asked me to fold it up.
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Stainless for me. Life's too short for galv, which will rust eventually. The difference in cost is neglible even though they may cost 3 times as much, so what? £6 instead of £2, do you really care?
Hmmm I will look into stainless steel and the rubber washers. Maybe there is an alternative to rubber washers?
Get a grip, this is a garden fence for goodness sake. Just stick cheap galv bolts in there, you won't be taking them out again so it won't matter if they get a bit of corrosion on them after a few years.
With the amount of time taken, you could have bought 30 stainless bolts and washers, fitted them and have earned enough to more than cover the cost.
Blimmey ... stainless steel - it's only a handrail and not a pressure vessel at Sellafield. Just use galvanised (hot dipped) as previously posted; M6 and bigger are available in galvanised as setscrews (from £3 per 100). Galvanised will outlast most of us posting here.
nah, use stainless, galv will go rusty and look sh**e! use stainless washers.

I am now sticking my fingers in my ears!
Another vote for stainless here.

If you added up all the time costs, electricity, server bandwidth and keyboard wear used in this thread, we could have all chipped in and bought you some gold plated bolts.

Have you thought about using these?

Thanks fro your input guys.
Just had the galvanizers on the phone. £500 is the total price so that gives you some idea what has been done. It is the main fence rail alongside my steps to house built in 2001. Trust me they will transform the front of the house.
The high tensile are grade 8.8, and the stainless steel are A2 304, 18/8 That is an answer to my question whether S/S is high tensile.

Can anybody translate this for me please?
I think I am going for the S/S M6 x 50 setscrews and washers.

But I just need to know if they will be weaker than the Zinc setscrews? Or the same? :rolleyes:

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