CO2 ratios on condensing boilers

29 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom

Over the past 10 years, I've fitted a few non-condensing combi and system boilers. This has all been for friends, families and myself. I've always done everything by the book, i.e. flushed according to the BS standard, checked pressure drops, upgraded gas line where required etc.
And no I am not corgi registered but I am competent

With the changes in regs from April required to fit condensing boilers, do you chaps all have flue analysers to set the CO2 ratios or do you leave them as factory set.

I would most welcome replies by the regulars( Kev, Pedant man, ChrisR, etc)
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You follow the manufacturers instructions, and if you have any sense leave a printed readout attached to the Logbook when you fill it out.
are you sure you mean CO2?

CO2 is carbon dioxide
CO is carbon monoxide

just a thought
Do you know any reasonable priced suppliers for flue analysers ? Last time I looked they were between £600-700
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Hi Breezer

I do mean CO2. As I understand it this needs to checked/set for condensiong boilers.

Of course a flue analyser is handy for checking excessive CO emissions which should when servicing appliances.
A flue analyser is perfect for convincing people their boiler needs a service :D

I've got a Kane 400 with infrared printer / charger etc. It's not bad and cost about £525 all in - I got a 12.5% discount direct from the manufacturers.
it concerns me that gastight is prepaired to spend all this money, plus having it recalibrated every year to service his boiler and maybe a few mates.

It is illegal

for a non-registered person to work on a gas appliance for reward or gain
I have never done any gaswork for reward or gain and I don't intend do either. However, I do have an interest in doing my own DIY work.

Now it looks as I won't be able justify spending a small fortune on Flue gas analyser, I shan't installing a condensing boiler unless I can borrow one from my corgi-friend or get him do the final checks for a few beers.
Even if the boiler left the factory spot on, the installation is not in the facory. All gas appliances should be commissioned before handing over to the customer even if its just a case of checking the figures without adjustment. As an extra point i like reading some bench mark books to see if the info has been copied out the manual or just made up, its not very often i find its as actually on the boiler.
It makes me laugh when people like him say they are competent and doing no harm. We all have to spend a small fortune on getting qualified and registering with corgi and make ourselves accountable in case we cock up.
As far as the question goes, I dont have a flue analyser, never needed one before, if the ventilation is correct and the gas rate correct and the burner rate correct and if not sure rate it at the meter with a stopwatch and it is correct, nice blue flames, why the hell do I need to spend MY money on another peice of overpriced equipment, if I had one and went to sevice a boiler and it was working fine but ppm was over, what do you reckon the customer would say if I said your 4 year old boiler needs repalcing because my overpriced peice of shiitte thingamagig says so, answers on a postcard.
The other big lie which has to be brought into the open is that condersending boilers are no different to fit other than the overflow, this has been rammed down our throats, so dont need an anal iser for that then, or were you lying to me and the customer mr industry, I only go to work to pay my bills, unfortunately it seems I am funding everything from corgi,colleges, EV agency right down to blooddy asylum seekers, well I aint funding kane, testicle or any other money making scheme analiser companies if I can possibly help it, with all the shiitte that comes out the back of buses and taxis and lorries I should worry if a perfectly functiong boiler is slightly over co to co2 ratio, shant be spending MY money on one until it becomes compulsory, bit like being a queeer, is that compulsory yet or just round the corner.
Have you fitted any condensing boilers for your customers? If so,
Which ones and does it not mentionin the install guide to check and set CO2 content if necessary
As a few people said to my original query follow the manufacturers instructions.

I take it you do check gas inlet working pressure on the boilers you install or do you just leave them to be factory set hoping that they are correct.

I fail to see how one can install condensing boilers without a flue analyser

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