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Wow things getting a bit heated! people demanding to be called a plumber!

how sad this guy is clearly just trying to wind people up and your all falling for it! show more about your insecurity than his arrogance.
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Dave, I agree with the idea of this bloke being a wind up merchant but this type of thread really tells you how some people feel about their chosen profession and as such are often the most interesting ones.
And it's good to be able to vent a bit of steam now and again (rather on here than on the wife ;) )
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Whats the point of this post? To tell us that your smart and gas "individuals" are not? Get a life.

edit: just saw your other post. All makes sense now. Your one of those who thinks someone is an idiot when they don't agree with you or say what you want them too. The reason why you always encounter idiots is because the smart people learn to avoid you like the plague.

What's your problem not got a life? man this forum is full of losers as well as idiots who post in the first place. Just had a look at quite a few other posts and most appear to be left unsolved what does that say about it.
The fact that your not prepared to treat Engineers with respect is probably why you can't get anyone to look at the problem with your heating system (previous post) - w*****r

Not another moron! man you need to get a life! this idiot is just winding to donkeys up!
You will find most Gas safe registered individuals ( I use the term Individuals and not engineers as until Corgi or now gas safe start issuing University degrees to you all then that's what you are!)...

rofl, his other post is equally funny!!! I take it, if this sucker is for real, his new boiler is still gurgling; he can't work out why and the installer doesn't want to know. Feel the schadenfreude.

Well no it just shows you are unable to read! he said the gurgling was from a pipe near the pump! Oh and what about the 6 heating engineers who have been unable to solve the problem. Never mind the idiot who recommended changing the cylinder stat. What was he thinking?
With bobdole .

Chartered engineer and you dont even know to turn up a pump.
Very believable post .. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Well if you people weren't so easy to wind-up! After all look at the date the post was added!!!

Oh and by the way he stated that turning up the pump stopped the noise in the very first listing. You guys really must learn to read and digest before loosing it. :LOL:
or he could have read his instruction manual and down rated the boiler to the size he had took out.

maybe mr £500/hr man used to have somebody read for him.

Well so you would expect all your customers to read and adjust there boilers would you! your a good example of the worst in this industry. It was the heating engineer who installed the boiler that should have left it properly commissioned that is at fault.

Oh and once again if you care to read and digest you will see he was asked to say what he earns!! I have to say he is as stupid as all the so called heating engineers winging on this site!! all he had to do was look at a few other posts on this site to see it's useless. haha
If the guy can design gas turbines and furnaces he can follow 2 quick steps or should have known his pump setting was wrong and if became noisy might need replacing

As for me being the worst in the industry,when you know what i do in the industry come back and try again,until then **** off.
Dave, first impressions can be deceptive, your first post was sensible but the rest of them tells me you're a bigger knob than the OP.
The 4 gsr ******* that couldn't sort it are an embarrasment to the industry but I have no sympathy for the op

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