it is ILLEGAL to sign off work from non-corgi

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I had a friend who was too busy to do his cousins boiler move and asked me to do it. I attended his property and was told that he had not moved in yet and was about 2 weeks away from moving in. When I tested the gas the drop was terrible, just like an open end. So i capped the gas off until I could find the leak. I removed the boiler and capped the feed off but still had this leak. Friday afternoon (late) couldn't be bothered to get the sniffer out and start chasing along pipe work looking for the leak and as the gas was capped off left with the knowledge that everything was safe and no one there for the weekend, intending to turn up nice and fresh on monday morning. Turns up on site and smells gas, (strange as i had turned it off and capped it).

I had just started asking the builders if anyone knows if the gas had been turned on? to which the reply was chaddy came on sunday and turned it on.

OK, he's corgi registered so why should i question why he turned the gas on, family members put you under pressure to work odd hours to get what they want, but I could still smell gas so preceded to do a drop test. Just the same as when I had capped it off. Dropped quicker that a prossys knickers when she has a ****ed punter in front of her.

Just about to phone him up when my boss calls and start to give me the biggest *******ing i have ever had, wanting to know why i left the gas on when people have been ill on the sunday. After calming him down and explaining what had occurred he hung up and phoned chaddy.

20 minutes later chaddy turns up saying he found the leak and capped it off (cooker point) and that his cousin was moaning to put the gas on so the cleaners could get hot water from the combi feeding the extension. I asked him if he had done the drop test and he replied yes. 5 minutes later my boss turns up and chaddy accuses me of not capping the gas off and only turning off by the tap.

Was i so glad that i had kept the project manager upto date before i left as he was inquisitive when i was doing the drop test and was asking why do this, why put that in the meter.

Needless to say chaddy is no longer corgi registered. And i just kept my job. Just because they have a corgi registration does not mean they are a good engineer. Just that they was competent when they was being assessed.
Who the FEK cares when people like yourself could possibly be registerred/
As long as you could get off your zimmer frame
CORGI have a team of 12 inspectors specialising in targeting the unregistered which is led by Phil Brewster.

One of their interests is those with ACS who are not registered with anyone.


That's typical corgi, chasing up some possible registration fees. At least people who have done ACS have had some training and should know the basics, they should be prioritising the ones who are doing gaswork and have no quals or training.

Exactly,i wrote to Corgi some while ago,and asked more or less the same thing,but surprise surprise,did not even recieve an acknowledgement,or reply.
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doesn't the actual law state that anyone who has proven competency can legally work on gas.isn't the ACS ones proof of competency.So you fit a heating system for x amount and throw the gas side in for free. :idea:

No it does not mean you are competent holding the ACS otherwise when you got your certificates you would be able to go and start up on your own when in fact you have to work with a competent corgi registered engineer for 6 months.

I took a guy on who was looking for experience after getting his acs but he didn't know where to start. Personally I think that someone who is an apprentice for 4 years with a corgi registered engineer of 40 years learns a lot more than being in college everyday for 4 years.
Who the FEK cares when people like yourself could possibly be registerred/
As long as you could get off your zimmer frame

Namsag you must be the sadist social reject on this site, I have still not seen you actually say something that people want to read.

If you cannot say something constructive then shut the **** up
Thanks for that, nicest thing i have been called in weeks and coming from the master it means so much more. :cry: :cry:
DIA. I Think he is still experimenting with the asprin in a can of coke. ;)
sorry i didn't realize that i had stumbled into the retirement home. I thought this was a questions and answer forum and when people ask for a little knowledge you slag em off, insult them and ridicule them until they snap back.

I do apologize to all of you old geezers, but i do not believe it is constructive to patronize people when they ask for help. We all know there are rip off tradesmen in every trade. Some of us do like to make a difference and are happy to make a decent living. How many other people have to pay nearly £7000 to get certificates that state you can do the job but then you are told that you cannot by corgi.

So please give some people a chance, that is why they are here to learn and be advised if it is dangerous to attempt what they are asking. If we can stop just one person from opening a test nipple on a gas valve and leaving it with a leak or trying to change a zone valve when the heating is on.
This Old Codger has picked you up on several post with false information wiwc.

Get it right or don't post is the best advise.
I have a curious tale to relate concerning corgi from the year 2000, a large firm in the east midlands were investigated by the hse and corgi following a CO incident in a tennented property owned by the city council.
What happened is that a service tech visited and noted on his paperwork that there was no ventillation but it wasnt spilling and the was no evidence of spillage.
we all know it should have been ID'd and cut off, complete with disconnection notice, but it wasnt.
However the matter got overlooked at the paperwork level, but the LLGSR was never issued.
however the council decided to lease to a new tennant, despite the lack of the LLGSR.
Anyway, in moved this family and lo and behold there was an incident.
The firm concerned had their ticket suspended for 1 month, while investigations were undertook.
Im not sure of the details of any fines or any action taken against the original fitter.
Or the council for leasing the property.
However it seemed they were more interested in the operations of this fair sized company.
the upshot was that they had to install a QC dept and employ a corgi inspector for 1 year, to oversee this QC dept.
It made life interesting indeed.

as a footnote during the investigation it was found the boiler would not run due going off at hi limit because the pump was seized.
also during extensive testing they couldnt make this boiler spill for love nor money and concluded it was a a freak with or explaination.
Mind you at least the tenant knew the proceedure as had happened before apparently :confused:

point is to all this is that corgi wanted to make some kind of an example and seemingly a lot of money.

That QC dept is still there, and its all rather strange, as a commercial fitter we all come under the same QC.

has anyone ever seen the commercial corgi manual?
probably because there isnt one.
frankly we get nothing from them at all, and the inspector is worse than usless, again it also funny as 2 of us are catcom and he cant inspect our work. :rolleyes:
I assume you mean COMCAT 1-5 Commercial Catering.

And what makes you think the kennel club can't inspect your work.
I assume you mean COMCAT 1-5 Commercial Catering.

And what makes you think the kennel club can't inspect your work.

:oops: yes your right comcat..

this guy might as well be from the kennel club, he cant inspect because hasnt got comcat,
the corgi guy went off after a year :evil:

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