Dead people should be able to change gender

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Stupid headline which appeals to their readership.
Its kind of logical if the change took place before death. Even the daily flail respects pronoun changes for living tranz for all its huffing and puffing on the issue. That said the dead are not generally protected by libel laws, image rights (the Diana mug) etc so it would create a precedent.
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Did you miss the point of the person being dead then? (however sad their demise was and cruel where the perpetrators have bee brought to some form of justice)
It's not changing gender so much as voicing their wishes to be remembered as they were when they were living.

Obviously in the case of BG, they had not got so far as any legal recognition, much less lodged any kind of will, but living as they did would be enough to indicate that they would want to be remembered as they were.

As blup and denso said, it's about respect.
Why not. No different from those awarded posthumous medals and awards.
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