Destroyed Respect “Police”

that's WHAT THE POLICE ARE LIKE YOU WOULDN'T WANT THEM TO BE Social workers, just keep out their way and let them get on with a difficult job.
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ah but you see everyone wants the police to be everything to everyone all the time. Of course they should be kind and courteuos and respectful to the general public, at all times. Trouble is its not always that easy. Youve pulled a driver over for speeding and hes a little bit anti, you should be courteuos of course you should. Only trouble is 10 minutes before you were rolling around on the floor having a fight with a guy you were trying to arrest and youve picked up a few bumps and bruises so you dont feel your best. An hour ago you just left the greiving parents of a child who died suddenly, so your days been a little ruined. 20 minutes ago you finally got away from the minging abusive drug adict, whose covered in scabies, who youve had to spend 3 hours with while you deal with him in custody. 2 hours ago you were picking up the bits of the victim of a road crash killed by a speeding driver.
Thats the job they do and they are expeted to do. Its not always easy and sometimes i saw guys who were as civil and decent as could be lose it with someone, just because of something else had happened on the shift. Some were just like that all the time, and you get the same in all walks of life. Some never did and were the model police officer all their service. Some of those lost it over the smallest thing after seeing it all for too long and never came back the same person.

Theyre human, you expect them to do a job dealing with stuff you, quite frankly would never want to see, let alone deal with. Few people thank them, lots of people criticise them, and make sweeping statements. The government screws them over, their senior officres screw them over in an effort to climb the promotion ladder and still they turn up each day to deal with the crap. Some days they just have a bad day.
Thermo man is off course right, but we are also human and we have bad days too but we are not always given the benefit of the doubt.

My last experience was with 4 very large officers who came to the scene of a supposed RTA and who treated me with nothing more than contempt after talking to the lady who called them (and incedently drove into me). Just because she told them I was rude to her and was driving a 4x4 they decided off the bat that I was in the wrong even after examining my slightly damaged car and her undamaged car........

As with teachers, nurses and othe 'public' servants iff you dont like the wage, boss or conditions change them and get another job........
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I spoke to a sergeant yesterday and his advice is never to stop on a clearway, Drive to the next lay-by or leave the dual carriageway.
Acknowledge you have seen them and stop some were safe.

He also said if anyone tailgates you slow down but do not brake,
Just what the pensioner did.

He was very disappointed with this officer’s behaviour,
The sergeant did not try and make any excuses for this officer’s arrogant and bullying tactics (i.e. he may have had a bad day).
well whooppee do for him. I already said he shouldnt have been impolite as well did i not? My remarks earlier were simply pointing out the fact that people expect them to be like robots and capable of doing everything, and being everything to everyone. Doesnt always happen like that because they are human. We all let people rub us up the wrong way sometimes at work. Sometimes not everybody deals with it in the right way.

I still fail to see how you think he was tailgating when you said he kept a safe distance and ropped his speed as the driver did.
I never said the idiot was driving a safe distance, I said “they are not driving to close but you could say under the conditions they could have backed off or overtaking”.

The pensioner said he was tailgating, and I will say when the idiot put on is flashing blues he was driving to close.

But anyway it was good to prove three dumb cops they are not the law (whoopee do).
Got pulled by two cops one night, they gave me a bit of attitude and wanted to see what I had in the back of my van. One of them opened the door and my rottie jumped out (a big un), see them run. Well funny.
They were a bit more respectful after that, from inside their car.
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