DIY Install: Wireless & Wired Alarm Questions

1. Yes. U could have siren keypad and 2 wired zones.
2. Kit usually includes path dialler to text you if you wire a bt line in. Yes you can upgrade it to GSM.
3. Installed correctly it should not false alarm.
4. There is a very loud sounder in the panel itself.
5. Yes panel has keypad and usually comes with two small key fobs to set and unset system via wireless.
System takes approx 30 devices so add what u want wireless.
YOU also might want to research the app version.
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Your a star musszzy for provided a detailed breakdown & explanation. My only query is for question 5, which is what kit/accessories would I need to have the following:-
  • 3 x pir detectors,
  • 2 x door contact (For Final Exit Door & Garage Door),
  • 1 x external bell,
  • 1 x control panel,
  • 1 x keypad (**Not required if it's already got one built-in to the panel**),
  • 1 x cable wiring (To hard-wire bell and one or two peripherals)- Not available on
I know that I can simply choose a kit and accessories, but I'm making sure that I don't end up buying the wrong items and can get them from the cheapest place possible.

Would the items in the cart be okay for the above things and having I missed anything? :-

As before it's cheaper to buy the gsm kit than buying the module later plus you can only have 1 wired zone if you have a wired bell box
How is the gsm kit cheaper mate?

Also on pyronic's website, it states: "32 Wireless Inputs, 2 Wired inputs & 3 Wired outputs on board", so what does that mean?

Could you create a shopping cart with the items to show me what you mean by cheaper?
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GSM kit £295
Pstn kit £219 , GSM pcb £89 = £308
You use one or the inputs for your bell tamper ...leaving 1 input free
Wish they would put the power input back on the bell.....some bean counter decided to take it off to save a penny no doubt !
He means if you are going for GSM cheaper to buy equipped already than upgrade
Never quite got the purpose of the power input as it still protested if the battery was missing. Did it actually charge it?
Your absolutely right sparky, thanks for that. Will I need any power adapters for the bell or does the control panel provide this?

Also what's the difference between the MC1MINI-WE (£44) and the MC2-WE?
Mc1 is a bit smaller. The mc2 allows the magnet to be in a couple of different positions and also has an input to wire another (non powered) device. Such as another standard door contact.
In which case I'd rather have a larger door contact with more features, so the MC2 it is.

It seems that map-security don't sell any cables, so which one do you recommend and from where?

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