DIY Install: Wireless & Wired Alarm Questions

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I'm going to throw my tuppence worth in, even though I'm nowhere as good as the others posting here, but having installed a couple of accenta and scantronic alarms, if you're going to hard wire the bell - which I found the trickiest part - then you might as well go for broke, and do the sensors as well. Now I know someone is going to critisise the Accenta as being a basic alarm, but if you fit vibration sensors on the windows and doors, it does the job of being a deterrent, and the alarm will go off before the idiots have got inside
Alarm peripherals are fairly straight forward in design, so if you run 8 core cable around the skirting boards, then you've got 2 cores to power the item, 2 cores for tamper, 2 for an alarm condition, and a couple for spare. The tamper circuit needs to be set up as a compete loop, so you need a connector block to link all the tamper circuits together. You can have 2 keypads (normal one downstairs, and a second one upstairs for setting the alarm at night.
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Piccy shows stranded as it should be. Don't think I caught that post.
Sparky - So shall I go for a different cable then?

Doggit - If I wanted to hardwire, I could instead just go for a wired pyronic. But I won't clip the wire onto the skirting as it would look very ugly and I'm not willing to lift the whole upper floorboards just to pass a few cables through them. The only reason for hardwiring the bell is because I want it to have reliable power and it also means I don't have to get a ladder to change it's battery every so often.
Lol wire round the skirting ... Do you work for BT ?
On the cable point ....just check if your picking it up that it is stranded not solid core ...
Sorry boiler, I was I didn't realise that you didn't want the wiring showing. And no Sparky, I don't work for BT, just giving a quick and easy suggestion.

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