Moz said:
I seen Brightness in old Razzles shes a hot MILF ..psst you want to buy any snaps of her ... ?

OMG they're not still doing the rounds are they? I thought I'd told my pimp errmmmm I mean agent to burn them all :rolleyes:

Moz said:
mine would be to win lottie 125 mill , hire killer for B'liar/bush
start the real new Labour party ..

Can I be your chancellor and have lots of money to spend?
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Brightness said:
Freddie said:
markie said:

I was going to say that, but i didn't want to sound greedy :LOL:

You know what they say 2 company 3s even better :LOL:

Do you reckon Brightness would be up for it Markie? ;)

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like NO she wouldn't be.... :rolleyes:

markie said:
All depends if her hubby doesn't mind :LOL:

PS and if she's gorgeous. :LOL:

Would you like me to ring him and ask him? :LOL: And no she's not gorgeous, she's a downtrodden wife and mum but can scrub up quite well when she wants to :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Well scrub up tonight Brightness and put some slap on( dont forget the sussie's ) cause i will take you round to Moz's before he gets too drunk and we will watch some of his films for starters ( send the old man round to Kendors, he's bound to have a great time playing Whist or something like that ) :LOL:
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Don't mind, it's better than nothing. :LOL:

PS got work in the morning so i can't stop over, it's just in case she makes brekkie in the morning. :LOL:
Well, mine involves a Tibetan Yak, a Snickers King Size and a carton of Um Bongo :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Razzzle was *WAS* the SUPERSTAR SHOt gallery

It made the digi cam guy after 5mp... a porno superstar .. :)
I love it too bits were it was unless
you had slr / 500 shot cams
an then the sniffy experts were all nasty .. an as if the glamour girls were their daughters , which was a bit sec later , as they /the Models went from coy too ..... su**INg **ck , an at the club

shot film later , ...

but I do work now as "Cam Guy " on UK Un=Coverered ETc Work (Brill Job ,I film allsorts but but I have a free reiegn here to show,what Ithink is that sec shot ..we are in the second series, my sytle shot sec is good .. so ... )
Freddie said:
( send the old man round to Kendors, he's bound to have a great time playing Whist or something like that ) :LOL:
I'm a Pokeher man myself ;)
Brightness said:
Do I get a say in this? I'm washing my hair so I can't tonight ;) :LOL:
As Freddie and Markie are obviously real gentlemen and know how to court a lady, the answer to that must be a resounding no! :)
on a serious note.. yes, it would have to be stop fellow humans from suffering poverty and cruelty.
On a lighter note, I would quite like to have a handy man come in to give me some tips on DIY...
nice tight t shirt over lean taut rippling body, mm mmm.
When all the work was getting done on the house my pals used to call for coffee and also to see what the builders, joiners etc etc looked like!!!
naughty naughty but nice!!
we are all married and happy enough but yes, us women like to have a sneaky peek too!!
However, I think we were more subtle about our comments until we were in private!!!

Looks arent everything I know that but you did say fantasy...
Sooo, Im off to do some preparation stuff for decorating extension all on my lonesome.
A gorgeous, fit cheeky male assistant in scant top and worn sexy jeans would be just what the fantasy doctor ordered!!!
And if a tin of paint should fall all over his clothes, then... well I could supply a towel while his stuff dries off in the tumble drier!!!
Hee hee...
back to reality and sandpaper and elbow grease.
I'm surprised you can stand up after thinking about that, you naughty little minx, you!
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