Cheers, RF!!

That's what I was trying to say, but failed miserably! ;)
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RF Lighting said:
Not having a go at you, but it reminds me of some of the old fellas in my local.

They know my best pal is a gay, and as soon as they see a bloke with a bit of his ass hanging out his trousers, their first comment is "It'a good job Matt isn't here".

This really annoys me. Just becuase he's a gay, doesn't automatically mean he fancies every bloke he sees. Just like I don't fancy every woman I see. (Far from it in fact, in my local :LOL: )

I have had loads of workmen round at my house doing stuff for me, and have never even thought once about making a move on any of them, and there has been some fit ones!! was just wondering if any guys out there had experienced it where people have come on to them....
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