Government Rwanda plan ...

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This Fu'd up Rwanda plan its a bit like Brexit etc it's causing such a distraction on what should be a simple issue. Is this just the result of today litigeous society where Law has become so open to interpretation, the same sh't happens time and time over like a tug of war where noone ever wins ever. Anti and pro government powers fight behind the scenes to just cause chaos and make millions from legal challenges. A bit like the USA and their gun laws, too much money behind it to stop it now.

And my other point is, they're missing the point completely. Stopping the boats is actually about stopping the boats not what do possibly do with them once they arrive, that's stage2 in the preventative plan.

Stage 1 Stop the boats. Create a ruling/law that ensures safe passage of all non UK residents back to the country of origin ie France. We know this is the french or EU coast, we know they couldn't possibly travel further with a tank full of petrol so again lets stop the lawyers making something here that isn't no they never possibly traveled direct from far remote shores. Along with this for now we mobilise the Navy to start patrolling our waters to tow back and arrest boats/passengers and hand straight back to French authorities. Im sure we can contract a private contractor to assist the Navy with this and which wouldn't cost the millions a day we pay hosting them here.

Not ever will stop the boats be stopping them by a Rwanda plane threat. They aren't stupid they will come here and dissapear and or use legal aid to deter for years.

I think it's good we've now got beyond the fact any of this isn't about racism ffs. However im sure that anti gov loonies will come up with some other reason why we shouldn't be doing this.
Usual nonsense

You can't return people to France without a returns agreement

That's just a fact

You can't tow back boats to French waters

That's just a fact

It is not about the law being "open to interpretation" it is about fact.

Rwanda is not a safe country. That's a fact
Actually you could. Greece do it all the time. it wouldn't be great for PR though.

and on your last point - the new bill will make the reverse a fact.
I think you're confusing Rumpole of the Bailey and similar.
If UK parliament passed a law saying "the sky is green" or "boris johnson is immortal" or "a man is a woman" or "Rwanda is safe" that would be a legal fiction.

It might be the law in UK but it would not be true.
Some Brexers thought that Brexit would put a stop to immigration.

How's that working out?
Working fine for legal immigration from the worst the EU has to offer. At least we now get to choose who we want to work over here. You’re talking about illegal immigration by those seeking asylum. Even the EU can’t stop them coming to the EU so what makes you think we would be able to if we were still in the EU?
Actually you could. Greece do it all the time. it wouldn't be great for PR though.

and on your last point - the new bill will make the reverse a fact.
You can't return people to France, nor can you tow those boats into French waters, without their express approval. :rolleyes:

A law passed in UK does not make Rwanda a safe country. :rolleyes:
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