hob fuse blows when using all 4 hotplates

8 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
ive recently fitted a new kitchen and have installed a candy ceramic hob (pvd 604)
ive fitted hobs before but with this one i found it bit different with regards to the cabling that is to be used in the instalation manual.
basically ive used the existing 6mm from the fuse box, usual cooker/plug switch. but from the switch to the hob it says use 2.5mm cross section cable into the hob terminal. it is also shunted on the terminal with same 2.5 cable. 6mm also wont fit into the terminal.
it works ok with 3 hot plates running but when you use the fourth it blows the fuse in the consumer unit.
the manual that came with it reccomended a 20amp fuse which ive done, but thought this a bit low? especially as im running the extractor from the cooker switch plug too.
would putting the old 45 amp fuse back be ok as it sounds like its overloading?
thanks for any advice in advance
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i wouldn't put any more than a 20A on 2.5mm cable

you mention shunting on the terminal is this cooker not british?

what is the rating of the plates? it sounds to me like the unit is inteded for 3 phase supply.

can you get 4mm into the terminals? if so this would let you go up to 32A
the unit was bought from homebase, and the manual is written in 4 different languages so that makes it universal i guess.
to me the manual comes across somewhat vague but it can be used on phase 1 to 3 and also 380-415 v all phases have to be shunted. wiring diagrams are present i have scanned a picture of the manual details if youd like a look could e-mail it over....my e-mail is [email protected]
i will get the rating of the plates tomorrow as im fitting this for a friend.
i have a niggle maybe the unit might be faulty as it appears the wiring is correct.
also no customer support phone on the manual either.
sounds like it was originally designed for three phase and then someone hastilly added instructions to shunt the phases to use it on a single phase system without considering the wiring requirements of doing so.

if you can get 4mm into the neutral terminal then i would do the following,

use a 32A breaker
use 4mm cable from the wall

take the neutral straight into the neutral terminal

use a chock block to split the live to three seperate 2.5mm cores to run to the three live terminals.
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ok, yes thanks for the advice.
im only familar with general electrics (i used to be a builder) so i think ill have to get someone out to do this as its a bit beyond me.
bloody foreign cookers!!!
thanks for your help mate
Diversity is all very well, but it's not compulsory. If you can't fit a cable large enough to carry the full current that the device can draw then words like "dangerous", and "not fit for purpose" spring to mind.

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