Installing a woodburning stove with a small fireplace

8m x 4.5m x 2.3m just a square room no recesses.
Goldspoon answered most of it, any luck with HETAS guy yet?

Will need as least 5.9kW stove depending on how well the room is insulated (8m x 4.5m x 2.3m ÷ 14 = 5.91) 1kW per 14 cubic metre

Be careful when buying the stove, check for the minimum distance from the back of the stove to the non-combustible wall on the stove manufacter plate which they don't tell you if buying stove online, my stove is 60cm!
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Yes, I did talk to the HETAS guy, and he was really helpful. But he doesn't seem to want to install unless I have an additional chimney lining, as he says this will make it all more efficient.

If I go this way, not only is it going to cost another £250 for the lining, but I also have to open up the fireplace.

He also seems to be trying to put me off the stove that I've chosen, in favour of a Clearview.

He does seem like a good guy, very very helpful, but is the lining that important, I haven't got that impression from other topics?
but is the lining that important, I haven't got that impression from other topics?

When fitting a stove into an existing unlined chimney it's up to the HETAS installers to determine whether it is safe to use without a liner as they have to self-signed the certificate themselves.It was part of the building Regs in the 60's required new chimneys to be built with flue liner to protect the chimney & the flue for the stove so it's not always necessary to line your old chimney but depending on the condition and type of stove

There's nothing stopping you for another HETAS installers opinion
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Purely in the interest of your safety I post again. You’ll be lucky to find a decent HETAS installer that will go without a minimum 150mm insulated flue liner but keep searching as I’m sure you’ll eventually find one who will do exactly what you want & at the price you want to pay; not very much by the sound of it. It won’t be very efficient, you may be left with all sorts of flue problems after a year or so & it may not even be safe. You clearly want to do this a cheaply as possible but it should never be at the cost of safety; never mess with CO2. Average cost of a fire install with decent insulated flue liner & all ancillaries is going to be between £800-£1200 (fire excluded), even more if you go to a stove shop. I direct you back to masona’s recent link;

Think about it! ;)

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