Islam Bashing!!

oilman said:
Freddie said:
oilman said:
So is a thread owned by whoever starts it? If so you need to state exactly what people can and can't say. That's sort of censorship, with which you probably disagree, in which case you have to put up with what you get. If you want to have nobody "ruining" your thread, you should send it to admin and get it posted with a lock on it so no one can mess it up.

I havent said any of that---again your words in an attempt to start another fight.

Why are you persistently so defensive?

Simple Oilman and this is the last as i have to work.

I stand by what i say if i make a mistake i will appologise, i am not perfect far from it and i believe i have the right to say anything legal what ever its about.

I object to someone with some kind of agenda trying to put me in a group and say i have said or meant something other than what i have posted, i should imagine you feel the same.
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Richardp said:
Richardp said:
what do you call a woman that dosn't like butter?
Marg :LOL:

Excuse me but this is a post for being racist, objecting to being called racist, being religionist, being PC, and slagging people off and then telling them you weren't slagging them off.

This is not a post for light-hearted humour and there is too much of this sort of thing going on on this forum. If you cannot say something insulting or controversial please keep your comments to yourself!!

PS My wife doesn't like butter and she's called Louise.
kendor said:
FWL please could you explain why you have included Zoroastrianism in your list? Is there evidence of followers of the faith having commited any attrocities?

I would suggest that you investigate this. Normally they are the persecuted, Christians, Muslims and many others have almost eradicated their belief system, but there are a number of groups who are fighting to preserve their way of life in Northern Iran, Asian Russia and Parts of South Eastern Europe around the Black Sea.

They have not committed atrocites on the scale of other terror groups, from what I have been told and read, they mostly attack the security personnel of the State they are in and limit attacks to Government Ministers etc. To my knowledge they have never targeted a civilian Population I will try to dig some information out for you.

I also noted someone asked about Hinduism, well ask any Indian from Northern India, ask about the Indian Terror groups that operate against Muslims in Kashmir, or those that cross the border into Pakistan..

Buddist Terrorists operate in Nepal and a few of the other Himalaya states. Generally they are fighting Moaist Rebels or the Chinese Backed Malitia's, but they have targetted civilians who are known to have actively colloaborated with the Moaists and Militia's.
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kendor said:
NEWSFLASH: The Ku Klux Klan and Hitler have declared that they are not racist but have been greatly misquoted!
the denials above are a joke.
Oilman they would say that chalk is the same as cheese and that black is white and change and create so many posts on the same subject in an effort to confuse the issue and give them an ability to deny having said something!
So i'd save your breath they are not worth answering.

oh and KENDOR is all for an islamic state he said so he did too

*********************** child
Richardp said:
what do you call a woman that dosn't like butter?
Im still trying to figure this one, answer please.
Okay I read the next page n got the answer
id just like to repeat, that there's a difference between terrorists claiming to be fighting in the name of their religion, and those who are fighting because their religion asks it.

i do not know much about the buddhist case, but it seems more a case of politics than religion.
regarding the indian situation. i use the following sources for news on a regular basis, and various others irregularly: uk tv news reports (mainly bbc), the economist (a very political paper), yahoo news. it would be unfair to suggest these sources are biased. however, ive never heard of 'indian terror groups' committing these actions. infact these sources very regularly report on islamic terrorism in kashmir, terrorists crossing the border into india, pakistan aiding these terrorists, and muslims whom are neither from pakistan or india, also fighting for their 'muslim brothers'. i have been under the impression that hindus and indians were the victims here.

ive added the above, because i do not want it to seem to the casual reader, that the situation in kashmir has been caused by indian extremists on pakistan.

i will have a look on the net, whether 'indian terror groups' are taking such action. if any of you here, can help by finding such information, please post the links here.
User, in general the Islamic groups get the press coverage as they tend to undertake the most dramatic attacks, but also due to the wider Islamic groups and the fact that these tend to be international in nature.

Whilst it may be true to say that the Hindu groups are more Political than Religious, the same is equally true of the Muslim groups operating in Kashmir.

The West has a blinkered view of Terrorism due to the fact that the vast bulk of actions undertaken that directly effect the West or Westerners are by Islamic groups. The Hindus, Siekhs and other groups tend to operate onlu locally, and generally this is in areas not on the tourist trail, as a result te West is largely blind to the fighting. The Main Hindu group was founded in 1966 and has direct links to a major Political party in India, they are called the Shiv Sena, they have also created a sister group in Nepal, Nepalese Shiv Sena.

This is equally true for the forgotten religious war that has been ongoing in Myanmar (Burma) for well over 40 years where the indiginous indians in the North of the country have been systematically butchered by Government Troops at every opportunity. These people have fought the Government and yet the West is largely ignorant of the conflict. The argument the Government used in Myanmar is that they are Islamic trouble makers trying to undermine the nation. In reality these people are not Islamic, they have their own indiginous belief system, if I remember correctly it is distantly connected to Buddism, but I could be wrong on that.

You would probably be surprised to hear that there are as many Christian based Terror groups listed by the UK and US Governments as there are Islamic, in fact the US State Dept lists more Christian terror Groups than all other Religions combined. To be honest most are US based Race Hate and White Supremecist groups, but also there are home grown groups listed here in the UK, as well as many other European Nations. Most are inactive in the sense of Islamic groups, but they are active in creating Civil unrest, letter bombs and Hate crimes.
I'm lost now. The very fact that mixed in with all this is jokes about dairy products and dairy substitutes says a lot. :rolleyes:
Is it possible for a hippie to become a terrorist? Whilst still remaining a hippy, obviously.

I'm only asking, because I knew this really annoying hippy at university, and surely if you annoy enough people, that adds up to terror. Perhaps?

For chrissakes, the guy wore sandals, outdoors, in the winter time... SANDALS! And shouting at us if we had anything made by Nestlé because of their unethical operations in Africa. Was great fun when someone ate a load of Milkybars in front of him. :LOL:

So, can a hippy be a terrorist?
Deffo. Then when he films his deeds on his mobile, he will be guilty of hippy slapping....
censorship is on again ok look out

Well been a few days now and no one has said anything about me having
that on my motor ( wonder why )

could it be we dont like or want this here anymore ( for sure )

even now i am being tooted as i put toot if u want to ban islam on the right hand side

still waiting for bother but camera rdy and door locked ( tooled up inside )

I will defend my land where i live i will say what i dont like and i will make sure others hear my views if they dont like them thats fine

now wheres that tin of paint

just a point while sober ... lol

did you see the Gangs series on SKY they had on Brasilia , 80 % of male youths will die before 35 ... ,due to drug trade

so the guy comes here great...

In the townships called =Falleulla (sp) where 500 000 live on hill side squats , are born into drug gangs an if break away expect to be shot dead by the brasilian hit squad police ...

he ran an was expecting death......... bang he got it ...boohoo

he knew NO OTHER LIFE an recived it here ,harsh but true ..

he spoke english an KNEW THE TUBE BOMB TROUBLE........he thought he could be clever, or accepted death he got ...IT ..!!!

now the 20 odd so called brasilian parents have tried to claim his body for the compo claim ... lol

I would bill them for 9 times the cost of 9mm bullets ..USED!!!

an baggage home for the idiot fool ..

hard but true ...
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