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Mondeo 1.8 TD 96 Brake Disc Change

Discussion in 'Car Repairs / Maintenance' started by 237, 18 Aug 2008.

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    5 Jun 2008
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    United Kingdom
    Inspect all discs for any signs of fracture or damage if replacing brake discs always replace in pairs.
    Remove the wheel hub cap, loosen road wheel nuts, Place a jack below a convenient jacking position on the vehicle check your handbook. Always use axle stands.
    Firstly remove the road wheel the remove the two bolts securing caliper to frame. Remove the spring pull with pair of pliers top of spring as it goes into calliper.Tne bolts which secure the caliper are star drives so the correct sized star tool is needed.
    With this removed pull caliper away from disc and place somewhere safe out of the way do not leave caliper hanging by flexible hose.
    Next undo the part that the caliper was bolted to these are two normal bolts and remove frame.
    Wear safety goggles for the next procedure as there maybe fragments of metal which might splinter.
    Take a hide mallet and tap the outside of the disc where the brake pads would have been positioned. Turn the disc and keep tapping all the way around. This might require harder knocks but eventually the disc will work free off the hub. DO NOT UNDO THE CENTER NUT.
    With the disc off take your new disc and clean any grease away from its contact sides with your brake pads. Fitting is the reverse of the above.
    If done as stated this can be a very quick job i can do these in around 7 mins job done. Obviously i use air guns which makes the job faster.
    Refit road wheel torque the road wheel nuts to required torque then road test.
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