Moral Dilemma.. Illegal substances.

If you want to stay then spend some time lifting a few floorboards and filling all the gaps in the wall. That's where it gets in. That's you best option. Personally, I'd do it up and move.
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Is a bit of green really that offensive? Alcohol and Tobacco are not illegal, so is the government pushing drugs?

Just say, my house stinks, they sort you out a couple of joints, you are chilled, and your arthritis is cured. You have a giggle, then munch some food.


Ring Crimestoppers, as they are obviously cultivating within the property and dealing, possibly bypassing their electric meter, but on a small scale, and get the Family split up. nice.

Bust them, and you are the hatred of the community. And would have to move.

Move, and ignore the issue..the family stays together, but harms the community.
Did you buy the place when HIPS was being used, because shouldn't the smell have been declared?
I would not approach them direct, because if they turn nasty even if you take no further action and someone else does, you will be the one they blame.

Phone Crime Stoppers and tell them that you have seen a shotgun and ammunition being taken into the house.

Do not give them any information other than the address.

While you might not get any serious problems from the neighbours if they know you are an informant, their suppliers will not take kindly to you interfering with one of their customers.

That unfortunately is the most ridiculous thing I have seen on DIYNOT.
Johnmelad I urge you to edit this post.
You could possibly find yourself at the wrong end of criminal proceedings after suggesting calling crimestoppers with false information.

Contact crimestoppers by all means but PROVIDE the correct information . . ie People coming all hours - possible drug dealing.

DO NOT EVER provide false information to crimestoppers as the police record the reports on the PNC and these may be passed on through requests for enhanced CRB checks.

This can effect peoples job prospects.

While you may wish to solve the weed problem do you really want to make the family unemployable due to previous accusations of firearms offences?
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@Joe - We've put several thick coats of PVA on the walls, are filling any cavities we find with and expanding sealant, and then PVA-ing over the top. There's also a secondary accoustic wall going up to cut back on the noise (they're not perfect neighbours in any respect). It's difficult to gauge the success of these measures as I've recently come down with a headcold.. Time will tell I guess.

There was a HIP for the property, but so many fields were ticked 'unknown' it was largely useless, which describes HIPS in general. The previous owner only bought it 6months prior to us making an offer, so didn't have much experience of the place, and the family next door aren't long in that place anyway (3-4 months tops).

Micky, neither myself or my wife indulge in the green, it's probably harm my employment prospects if I did, with random drug testing being so popular at the moment. I don't need green to chill out anyway.

I don't care about the legal status of the stuff. I do care about the smell. It'd probably be the same if they were raging garlic addicts or cooked curry every night, though in this case it's an illegal substance, which just adds another angle, and possibly another lever to use in this situation. As I stated before, I don't think they're cultivating, as I've been inside the place.

John, Yaleguy - if I feel the need for anonymous tip-offs there are ways and means to cover my tracks, public callboxes (I believe there's a few still around), pub phones etc.. As I said before, there's kids in the house, so I won't be mentioning firearms or anything untrue that'll escalate the situation.
I was summing up your dilemma, not saying you should smoke the weed, I don't touch the stuff.

If the smell is so bad, and as you are at your address all the time, then maybe even not notice it as much, as you once did, and you get a random drug test in your line of work, then surely traces would be identified (they take a hair sample?), and questions would be asked? Not you immediately of using drugs, but being associated to people that take them? Which could have repurcussions i.e. If you knew about this then why didn't you report it, which goes back to the origional question.

I'm pretty sure there is something amiss next door to me, comings and goings at all hours, windows with sheets pinned up, the electric board trying to gain access all the time. But I smell no drugs. The guy next door was a right old head the ballcase, so I made discrete enquiries when he was playing loud music all hours of the day and night, environmental health sent me a cribsheet to record when music was being played loud, then one day he came round and started threatening my partner, and started hacking away at my front door with a machette. But then moved out overnight, but random people still visit the property..very strange. Who to report that to, or for what reason?
I'm not usually one to air my problems on an open internet forum, but my wife and I are at a bit of a loss as to what to do on this one, the regulars on the building forum already know the practical aspect, so here is the moral one:

We recently bought a house which we're doing up (see occasional posts on here). It's on a fairly well established estate with a good community atmosphere. Everyone seems to know everyone and kids play in the street and it's all really quite nice.

Apart from our immediate neighbours. :(

The major problem is someone in that house likes the green stuff. Really likes it. In itself it wouldn't be an issue, but it's making our place stink, especially the adjoining rooms. We've gone to some lengths (see post 'Smelly neighbours') but as soon as they open a window, it doesn't matter what we do. The only solution I think is to get them to stop smoking it.

The way I see it, we have 2 options: Direct confrontation, or indirect action.

If I go for direct confrontation and simply up and ask them to stop, I run the risk of a refusal. Things are cordial at the moment, I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. If I get a refusal then that simply leaves plan B which getting the authorities involved.

I get the impression that the fuzz won't be that concerned with someone who enjoys the odd bong at home, however as it's a council house, the council (I belive) would be in breach of the misuse of drugs act if they knowingly let the house be used for illegal activity. The fact there are kids there would also get the social services antenna twiching - I'd hope.

The problem is if I go for indirect action, I've no idea of the consequences. It could be anything from a visit from the social telling them the new neighbours have complained, or a full-blown dawn raid, carting the whole lot of them away. I'm inclined to believe it'll be more like the former..

As we're new to the area, we've still no idea how this particular family fit into the social scene. They're popular, in the sense they have a lot of visitors, however I'm not sure they all stop in for a cup of tea and a chat, a lot of the visits are quite short. Which has raised the suspicion that there's a bit more going on than simply smoking the green stuff. The son in particular has a lot of 'mates' or kids of his age stopping around.

We've tried approaching the neighbours on the other side (our next door but one) to see if they've got a similar complaint, however they're rarely in during the week, and I heard a rumour that he might be connected with the police (or ex) which explains why the weekends seem to be less herbals. We've put a note through their letterbox, but to no avail, either ignored or not seen yet..

Now we're at a bit of a loss of what else to do, other than canvass opinions and suggestions. I don't want a war, I don't want to upset anyone, but more importantly I don't want my house stinking of skunk.

So anyone got any ideas? Thoughts, suggestions, past experiences?

Without reading one single answer, i answered with my own thoughts as an experienced person. you spent all that time to say that next doors has a bong???...... hello nay bour, i can smell the gange, i'm purty sure ma nay bours can, cool it, your gonna get caught.
If you do dob them in do it from a payg mobile, do not under any circumstances use a landline.
Not commenting either way but you have choice to make only you can do that.

If you call Crime Stoppers you can use either as they do not trace calls. If they did, no one would trust them, would they.

If you dial 999 they automatically pick up your number.

If you do dob them in do it from a payg mobile, do not under any circumstances use a landline.
Not commenting either way but you have choice to make only you can do that.

If you call Crime Stoppers you can use either as they do not trace calls. If they did, no one would trust them, would they.

If you dial 999 they automatically pick up your number.


yeah :eek:
if you have already put a note through their door, and talked to neighbours, they will guess it was you that blew the whistle.

btw a note is never as good as a chat.
Just move like your predecessors did. If you make an official complaint then when you sell you have to declare that info - which means you'll never sell your house. Did the previous owners declare anything - or simply move on?
Is a bit of green really that offensive? Alcohol and Tobacco are not illegal, so is the government pushing drugs?
What people get up to is their choice but I don't want any smoky smell in my house and this is why smokers will never understand this, I've met druggie who given up, now clean didn't realise how bad the smoke smell was and felt guilty for the non-smokers who put up with it now he's clean.

A little smoke on your clothes will smell all day until you wash it off
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