New but damaged Boiler recently installation

7 Jan 2024
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United Kingdom
A new but damaged gas boiler was installed in my house. The metal cover is dented. Installer claims he hadn’t noticed it until he was putting the lid back so the boiler must have been dropped or bashed into at the suppliers or in transit. Reluctantly, the company said they will replace the cover from their own pocket.

Although, the new boiler is working, I am afraid that the impact of that drop could have started a hairline fracture to the internal circuitry which might develop later on. I have not yet paid in full. Can I ask for a brand new boiler replacement from the installer, after all it is damaged goods and I got a new boiler to be assured of its reliability?
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I suppose it would depend on the severity of the drop/damage. I don’t know if the sale of goods act covers in such a situation, happy to be proven otherwise
A lot of new boilers come with a 5 / 7 ot even longer guarantee as long as the service record is completer every year. If this is the case with this boiler I would not worry too much, but you could always ask the boiler rep to contact you, explain your concern, he may do something.
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Some clear pictures of the damage would be useful.
I deal with this problem odd times on the oil boilers we install
Always report it to our suppliers immediately and back up with call to manufacturers rep.
New panel in 2/3 days.
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