No point crying over spilt milk...

1 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
...anybody know how to get rid of or cover up the smell of spilt milk?

One of the lads in work tipped a 4-pinter over the passenger seat in his van.

We're going to pull the seat out and vax the carpets/seat best we can, just wondering if anybody knows of anything that can help in the meantime.
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sime10 said:
Pooh on the seat will take the smell of the milk away :D

Wish I had know that when I spilled milk on the carpet. Took me ages trying other methods :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Shake 'n' Vac worked on my capret spill. I'm not sure if it will be very practical to use on a seat though. I left it for about a week before vacuuming and it did the trick.

Good luck :p
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Buy a spray bottle of the stuff that vets sell that attacks the bacteria in cat piddle. It works by using non-smelly bacteria to destroy the smelly ones.
Milk goes smelly because there is bacteria but you can use lemon juice as this gets rid of the smell and is the best thing to use.
Softus, any idea of a tradename? I can just imagine him going in and asking for a bottle of catp**s buster spray...

At the moment his van is a combination of Sour milk/glade/febreeze...

I always find that eating fish+chips or chinese in a van stinks it out, but I don't think I could manage a full meal in his van without adding the smell of fresh vomit. (G'mornin if your eating your breakfast right now)
Problem sorted, problem was mostly carpet. Stanley knife managed to get rid of the smell ;)
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