Opinions on kit ??

Has any installers checked how often we get roped in to this type of argumentative posting.

OP quite happy to ask about pricing various installations.

Installer A, B + C have quoted for work but customer wants more advice.

Installer X gives honest opinion on forum, then the **** hits the fans. :evil:

A, B + C are competing for the work. X innocently offers advice and no doubt customer challenges A, B + C.

A, B + C more than likely wasted time and money in providing original estimate, only to have customer using advice off installer X to reduce cost even further.

There are a lot of customers who think they can plan and manage virtually every thing that needs doing in their property, dreamers.

More annoying is the amount of stupid advice given by other DIY'rs.

How many times have these type of questions started a free for all between installers. :?:

Personally I have enough problems justifying my price when Cowboy Inc is a lot cheaper. I don't do the other guy is cheaper, if customer want cheap job then let him go with Cowboy Inc.

As for tight gits on forums I have no time for them, and have no intention of contributing to their argumentative postings. The magority of advice fall on deaf ears anyway.
Some OP asking for advice deserve help but the price cutters need ignoring.

Alternative answer for supplying own material ."take Asda flour to baker and ask him to bake a loaf for you"
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Very good point Gremlin16

Perhaps there should be a NO PRICING POLICY on here ?
My 2p's worth!
All my work 100% recommendation 0% advertising, customer therefore has already got idea on my charges, quality, and service.
All quotes are a price for a specific job, ie fit combi and 7 rads £2800exc.
No breakdown, basic details, make of boiler, no model, no rad sizes etc etc. If they want a full spec with boiler details, rad sizes, pipe routes etc, they can have a system design/plan at a cost, I will not itemise a quote, its a fixed gaurenteed price, take it or leave it. Do get most jobs I quote for.
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Gremlin, was someone brave enough to admit to doing that pipework!
Total laziness and no pride.
Very good point Gremlin16

Perhaps there should be a NO PRICING POLICY on here ?
[url=//www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19448]DIYnot[/url] said:
9 ) Job Estimates.

Any pricing should not be relied upon! Please get quotes from Tradespeople that have been recommended to you.
Total laziness and no pride. :eek: :eek:

Thats a bit mean, I painted the pipes didn't I :evil:

And yes the bloke that installed it was brave enough to put his name to it,.

Think that was on his good day, seen a lot of his work :eek: :eek:
Why the plastic mac, have you got a leak :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Plus you aint finished the painting :LOL:

What colour are you doing the pipes, I hear pink is back in :D

This one cost £999999.99 + vat

I didnt trust the painter as they seem to paint anything that aint covered :LOL: :LOL:

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