Parthenon Marbles

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We've covered the fourth floor of our country pile with Persian rugs. Anyone have a return address?
Roy, bless, that one went right over your head. The Romans already looted Assyria. What did the Romans ever do for us?
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Starmer today in PMQs: "its not the British museum that lost its marbles, its the prime minister"
Roy, bless, that one went right over your head. The Romans already looted Assyria. What did the Romans ever do for us?
Clearly they left some valuable artefacts to be looted later by the British. :rolleyes:
Hi there, here-below is my mail to the british museum following the alledged british museum theft.
At the time the question of greek marbles was brought up again.

'Dear sirs,
the fact that recent attitude towards the exhibition of other countries treasures in foreign to those countries museums has changed and now countries such as Nigeria and Greece ask for their ancient civilization findings to be returned is one thing and another thing is this to be achieved through a theft that incriminated the actual director.
Any professional or amateur detective can see this is a criminal act especially committed in order to influence the returning of the said treasures.
One must simply wonder if one or both of those countries organized the theft.
The fact that an employee working in greek and roman department has been accused might narrow the research for the guilty country.
Yet the fact that it is not really known if anything is missing at all and that the director himself resigned seems to be a genuine set up at least.
Situations as this one encourage the crime to enter and be used in international affairs of sovereign states and thus
catalyze the rule of law with incalculable consequences for societies and culture.
Best regards'

Ι believe that the greek marbles can remain in England safely for now and the british press should not use this subject in order to support the parliamentary opposition.
Don't forget Notch7 voted for Brexit.

So he's now a Whiney sour winner.

the whiney sour losers are brexers who still havent realised it is a massive failure

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Tell the Greeks or the Greek PM to go and do one

Start bending over for these dead beats / and corrupt fruit cakes

Next we will be giving Gibraltar back to Spain

Falklands back to the Argentines
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