Please could you give me information to help me make a decision?
We have an Ideal Mexico floor standing boiler that is 23 years old. We are replacing with same floor standing boiler ideal Mexico 90% rating.
We have had 3 quotes from reputable companies large, medium and small.
They all say different things.
“Two of them are singing praises of a filter pump and a chemical flush.
The other company says don't need filter in the circuit (Magner clean filter)pump but will need a power flush
2 companies say we need thermostat radiator valves in bedrooms the other company said law has changed do not need to fix in bedrooms any longer?

Pipes and eclectics, room thermostat all ready in place from existing boiler
We will need an outside high level flue which at present we do not have.
We are going for a new water cylinder and pump.
The quotes come in at £2589 £2944 £3167.
Can you tell me is it worth fitting a filter and what comments do you have on chemical v power flush? Also are the prices right for the job. Last question what is the ruling on thermostat radiator valves.

I do appreciate any information as not sure what is being offered.

Many thanks Marion
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i would definetly opt for a magnaclean. id like to see an installer who has fitted these and not been impressed.usually we charge 120 to install one. but in the long term worth it.p.s new one on me about no trvs in bedrooms.
24 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
We are replacing with same floor standing boiler ideal Mexico
the only thing thats the same is the name. This is basically a floor standing Icos :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Now do a forum search on Ideal Icos and you might change your mind about investing your hard earned money in this pile of junk.

In regards to your question, the obvious answer is that the best thing you can do for your system is a powerflush, a filter(e.g.magnaclean) and trv's on all rads.
I can't see any reason not to have trv's regardless of regulations, for the extra cost when the system is drained they will more likely pay for themselves if properly used.
In regards to flushing, I would imagine an old cast iron boiler and 20yr+ open system will more likely have a fair amount magnetite floating around, which will make short work of your shiny new piece of junk, TRVs and other components, so not carrying out a good quality flush be it power or not would be a false economy.

Now for the real advice.
Assuming there's nothing wrong with your existing boiler keep it. Its the most reliable boiler you will ever own by a long way.
Make sure you have insulated loft, walls and double glazing.
fit trv's and update controls if necessary.

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