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ollski said:
I will update you tomorrow....I'm going to make a scaled down version of it. I'm fed up reading about kilonewtons and pascals :confused:

It's only for a pint :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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i didn't think it would cause so many differing opinions.

any way, to clarify here is a drawing
and the question is still which one will the water come higher out of, 40mm pipe or 15mm or pipe neither (both the same)


and before anyone says the tank will fall ddown with the weight, because of no supports, they are there, but they are white so you cant see them:cool:
I thought they were connected together at the bottom :LOL: :LOL:

In that case the 15mm will go the highest.
WHY??... :cry: :cry:

Thanks DIA , volume was the term I was searching for...just read it back..still trying to solve it.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

traineegasman, please note 10a
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Chris's favorite topic .

Bernoulli's principle is applied in nozzles, where the flow is forced to accelerate as the tube diameter decreases, and the pressure consequently drops

when i put my finger over the end of my hose, it goes further :rolleyes: :LOL:
so it must be the smaller pipe :confused:
wilhelm said:
bare with me dia ,i ve been out in the sun :LOL: ;)

all right for you, some of us have to work.

Still got a couple of hours to do and get up at 5:00 to drive to London

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Bernoulli has nothing to say here. The pipe is the same diameter all the way along. Reynolds has but hell it's obvious. Water speed only goes up if you reduce the end of the pipe.

Water will go higher from the bigger pipe, as explained above. Beats me how anyone could be thick enough to think otherwise :rolleyes: . Oh yes I remember, it was our Education Minister who said that plumbers were school drop-outs.
Think of the extremes - if the pipe were half a millimeter diameter the water wouldn't go very high would it. And if (assuming the level of the water in the tank isn't lowered significantly) the pipe were a foot across, and you suddenly open a valve letting it out of the tank. Lots of water , negligible resistance, it would go nearly up to the tank level.

The end of the pipe has a resistance too. Think of a tiny hole in a pipe on a heating system - you get a leak. Make the hole bigger - it squirts higher. If a rad valve comes off the water hits the ceiling.
i am still waiting for the official answer ( i think at this rate i may have to invest in a water storage tank
ollski said:
I will update you tomorrow....I'm going to make a scaled down version of it. I'm fed up reading about kilonewtons and pascals :confused:

Why not aks here for a test site :D :D

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