Retraining as gas safe engineer

Good tradesmen are not always in work, I used to have 6 weeks of work booked in my diary and the phone always ringing all from recommendation, only small ad in yellow pages, now after 20 years on my own and with plenty of regulars built up from that, I only have about 2 weeks in my diary, so I am not in a hurry to share it by training someone to take it off me.
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Take no notice of them.
Most of them have only done a six week course themselves.
I done Bangor in North Wales when ACOPS came out in the Nineties and can recomend.Is that near you ?
Best of luck.

6 weeks ? it takes that long :eek:
Good tradesmen are always in work maybe the people making a fuss are the cowboys who do poor work and therefore get no recommendation therefore fear competition.

maybe in cheshire, but not down here, i'd stop being so belligerant if i were you, as far as i'm aware the people you are insinuating are cowboys are far from that, and talk like that is only going to alienate people.

you can't throw a brick round here without hitting an rgi, there is a massive oversupply!!!

i can understand why you would think of going this route if you are getting a couple of installs a month, plus charging for the hobs etc rather than paying an rgi to come in for half an hour when you need a hob disconnected or remade.

Is it worth all the study, lost days while you train and £5k every few years in retraining and fees? i'd suggest it may seem a good idea, but have you sat down and done the numbers? if it is, then the c&g courses above are a good start and there are training centres all over - then it's just a case of reading the write ups on the school you choose to see if they are to$$ers or really interested in giving value for money.
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Oh yeah I forgot the health & safety bit 4 weeks of health & Safety !
Plus the gas , yep makes 6 weeks :) ;)
Back to the OP !

Please could you imagine that I am an assessor and that your reply has an input to getting gas registered.

Please could you explain, in detail, how you deal with the gas hobs in the kitchens which you install?

Please note that I expect your reply to be full and correct in all details.

Right, i'll have half a go,distance between up top, and the sides,..err..has to be fixed down, nothing flammable in close proximity, may need piping istead of certain rubber tubes, according to MIs, do you need ally plates on the edges of worktops, ?.

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