Should Rishi Apologise?

Deflect deflect deflect.

Just admit sunak got it badly wrong.

Keir ain't perfect either.

But blind support is why standards are so low.

Demand better
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How do you know this?

The mistake is to trivialise the attempted erosion of woman’s rights.
The mistake is to trivialise erosion of peoples rights.

It's about morals and ethics.

Some have low or non existent morals if it's a Tory saying something.

Trans rights (or wrongs) is an argument that can be had, at the RIGHT TIME
We all know politicians lie like nobody's business so why this attempt to make them seem as though they should play by the book.
The fun starts 6 months out from the election when they attempt to turn themselves inside out to fool a gullible public what good chaps and ladeeeeez they are.
How do you know this?

The mistake is to trivialise the attempted erosion of woman’s rights.

According to a correspondent - on R5L just after PMQ - most of the House thought BG's mom was in the public gallery.

IIRC, the correspondent said there was a collective wince / grimace, when Rishi dropped that gem.......
Rishi was obviously reading from prepared answers but didn't have the awareness to edit that bit out on the hoof. It was a big mistake.
The sensible way to go would've been to say something bland and sympathetic from the start then got on with the business at hand, while taking advantage of a photo-op with the parents at #10 later in order to maintain control of the story.
He has the political instincts of a squirrel.
Starmers a little bit more on his plate today instead of the why's and wherefors over a spat in the house of commons.
His dropping of his green deal policy, what next siding with the palastinians to try to stop them running off to form their own parties.
Since the father of Brianna, Peter Spooner is quoted saying: “For the prime minister of our country to come out with degrading comments like he did, regardless of them being in relation to discussions in parliament, they are absolutely dehumanising,” he told Sky News. “Identities of people should not be used in that manner, and I personally feel shocked by his comments and feel he should apologise for his remarks.”

Then it's up to some bright spark in #10 to craft an appropriate response today.
IMO, Sunak has got absolutely nothing to apologise for.

He simply stated a fact that, when interviewed, Starmer was unable to define a woman.

The fact that BG's mother was, or was not, in the public gallery is irelevant.
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