sodium floodlights

1 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
i am about to purchase either 150w or 250w x 7off sodium floods.

are sodium lights of discharge type?

if so would i have to use a correction factor of 1.8 for the total load?

the lights are to be wired on the same circuit using a 20AX waterproof switch along with a 10A type c mcb.

the length of the cable run is long, at 150mts. what would the correct size cable be for this installation?

cables to be ran clipped direct, not bunched.

does all this sound ok?

also does the 70w sodiumlights give off much light? if so what could you compair it to?

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Sodium are discharge so yes, you need to use the correction factor.
As for cable size, get your regs book out!
70W high pressure sodium (SON) is generally what is used in street lights in villages etc. They give off a reasonable amount of light. My dad has one on the front of his shop at about 4 - 5 meters above the ground, and it lights the 3m x 3m shop frontage well.
basically the cable from the consumer unit will be running 50 mts into a junction box, teeing off from that junction box will be 3 lights.
then the main cable will carry on 30mts to another junction box, teeing off to power 4 lights.

lightswitch to each set of lights

is there any way to minimise volt drop?

as the total length of the circuit is 150mts but to the first light it is only 60mts fromthe consumer unit.

then the lights are basically 10mts apart.

can someone shed some light.
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i no that matey, just wondering if i could use a bigger cable to the first and second junction boxes then down size from there?

70w will have to do i think.
what is the best type of 70w son floodlights?

got to be cheap though?

i have had a look but not sure which ones are any good?
The rest of the street is lit in SON. It would look a bit odd IMO :LOL:

@OP, yes depending on your VD calcs, you may be able to reduce the CSA part of the way round the circuit.

SON floods are all pretty much of a muchness. Just get a cheap and cheerful unbranded one from your wholesalers.

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