Steel Upright (UB) Splice joints

Discussion in 'Building' started by Rob broom, 25 Oct 2021.

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    Rob broom

    17 Nov 2020
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    Hi there.

    Structural Engineer question.

    Would an engineer possibly do me a really nice favour and suggest some details for a splice joint?

    My engineer has done most of my calculations for me, but I need to add a splice joint to an upright steel RSJ.
    Unfortunately, the engineer is ill at the moment and out of action, and I cannot contact him.

    The upright will be just under 5 metres tall in total,
    It is a 254 x 102 x 28 UB.

    To make it more manageable, I would like to split it in half and join it at first floor level.

    I have attached an image of my potential solution. It may be overkill, or it may be the perfect way to do it.

    I'm thinking of using M16 Bolts.

    Would somebody possibly send a photo of one they have done that is similar, or suggest how many bolts I should use.

    This would be mega helpful!

    Thank You.

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  3. jks7492


    18 Oct 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Yes bolted cover splice plates (as you've pictured) are generally the best way to form a splice connection.

    I'd either wait for your SE to return, or instruct another to provide a splice connection design with appropriate calculations/PI cover - What happens when your BC inspector asks to see a connection design calc for the splice connection you've installed based on a forum recommendation?...

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