Sub Flooring advice.

19 Jun 2007
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
Ive purchased a property that I am renovating. its an old house built in the 1920's/30's.

I need some advice on the subfloors.

I have Parquet to lay on a solid concreate floor & also on a newly laid Joist & Chipboard floor. - The concreate floor currently has Ceramic tiles on that I need (assume to need) to dig up.

I assume all I need to do with the concreate floor is to either screed it or if its flat enough already, then just use self leveller. - or is there more to it than that?

The new chipboard flooring I need to put on Flexible self levelling?
I also have normal T&G real wood I want to lay in a room that also has new joists & chipboard flooring, is it the same process for that?
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HI, first of all you cant lay flexible levelling compound onto chipboard. You need to over plywood first. You can then probably just lay floor straight onto the plywood then. Whats the reason you suggested flexible levelling compound? You can also bond the correct levelling compound to the tiles if they are sound. If you take them up and grind/scrap etc adhesive half flat you can also just use levelling compound over the residue left. I take it your thinking of gluing both floors? Hope this helps a bit.
Thanks for the reply.

I think I'll just put plywood right through the house then.
Managed to get a good deal on 18mm Plywood, which should be Ideal.
I think I may be back to square one after pricing up the plywood.
I need approx. 50 sheets, for downstairs & Upstairs.

Can someone help me with the best way (cheapest then) so I can lay the floor?

A Living room room thats approx. 25ft x 15ft that has Chipboard flooring
Passage/Hallway 25 ft x 4 that has the original floorboards
Kitchen / Diner / Utility Area 23ft x 17ft that has a Ceramic Tile Floor

The Chipboard flooring is Flat, The Original Floorboards are solid enough & the tiles are round edged & Square fitting (if that makes sense). All the floors do have a slight slope due to the age of the house & where it has sunk a little due to be build on old Sand Fields.

Ive read loads of posts & I seem to think the best way is to lay a DPM, Plywood & then Screed/Levelling compound. - That would cost about £2000 in materials alone & is way to much for my wallet :oops:

Here's a Pic of the Tiled Floor
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I had been mentioned to me, that I could lay the blocks in the passage on the existing Laminate flooring as its already flay & smooth.

Can someone please advice me, as I need to buy the materials to make a start the weekend

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