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21 May 2007
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United Kingdom
Have had a couple of polling errors from the micro contact on the shed so had omitted from the system (the worst luck, broken into last night so really need to get this sorted now!)

Having checked signal strength it is currently 18 (db?) according to the ricochet diagnostic on the keypad- is this the cause?, There is another contact sensor in-between this one and the main control board although it doesn't look like the shed is connected to it currently (according to the network diagram on ricochet) is there a way to interconnect it?, Is there something else I should do to get it connected reliably??
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It’s hard to say as dont have enough information to be certain.

age of system ie how old are batteries.
Where is the sensor in the shed located, what is the construction of the shed.
What’s between the shed and the panels expander.

You can for example get a deep back box, this can increase signal but can’t be certain it will.

You can move sensors a short distance and get a better signal.
Hi, to answer the q's..

Batteries are a year old
Sensor located at the top of the door on the inside
The shed is (larch lap) timber with a couple of single glazed windows and it is 14 metres from the nearest ricochet sensor (which itself is probably a further 14 metres from the control panel)

Should it automatically connect to the nearest sensor? Is it worth putting another ricochet product in-between these two (does it work like a mesh?)

I will look for a deeper back box to see if that helps
Metal work on the door?

replace the battery in the first instance, check values after replacing and again in 30 minutes.

It doesn’t necessarily follow it’s the nearest device, it’s not that simple unfortunately.

when installed you should run the commissioning mode to establish the mesh.

You can get back box’s for the micro contacts online including eBay.

Without looking at this in detail can only guess on what will solve the issue for you.

in general terms 30 is the signal strength to aim for.
If I was looking at the system under ricochet monitor it would give me a better idea, with layout of the premises.

in a wooden shed I would have opted for a full size unit as doesn’t need to be discrete, as it’s been in for awhile I am guessing it’s only recently the device has been ailing????
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How do I run the commissioning to re-establish the mesh?

I have got to buy another sensor for another door so will just swap it for a full sized unit if that is best- is that the impaq one?
The impaq SC-W is the larger unit the impaq plus and impaq contact have been discontinued.

This has been in year but you started to get issues when?

You may be able to improve signal by moving the device.
Polling errors started about 2 months ago, working fine until then. I will order the larger unit anyway, and sightly change the position.

I haven't recommissioned at all and have added a couple of other wireless things to it since, how do I do that?
if separate wireless expander place in tamper, if on panel then move to commissioning mode now I would watch the commissioning mode in ricochet monitor to get an ide of what is going on with your system.

So the device has been in 10 months before it started playing up?
Certainly replace the battery in the first instance to see what happens as mentioned before.
Just recommissioned, hasn't helped really with that one unit, it struggled to pick a signal up from it (it seems to be trying to connect directly from the ricichet expander which is about 30m away) just after it gave a signal strength reading of 21 but has come in and out of range. I will now put in place the alternatives you've mentioned.

Just out of interest is there a wireless pir that I could use in a shed (that wouldn't trigger with insects and possibly the odd small rodent visitor) to beef up the security in there?

Thanks for your help.
realistically it depends on where the insects/ spiders and rodents are.

whats changed as 10 months and then failure, suggest a change.
Ok, battery swapped and new deeper back box installed, signal strength is now 46. Thanks for your help in resolving!

In fact changed the back box on another 2 contacts in another outbuilding and increased those signals too. Result.

As far as rodents etc. Getting into the shed they will be at floor level. There is nothing in there of particular interest to them other than it seems a load of things I don't really want nibbled- tool handles, timber offcuts etc. What sort of wireless PIR can I install in there?
Realistically a DT or TD-W is the way to go in such environments depending on the size of the shed etc.

a DT as it requires two different technologies to trigger, a TD which is effectively breaking two beams, one point straight out and the other angled downward, making it unlikely that a spider would cross both or a rodent, but deer might for example
You need to check the signal strength after 20 minutes to check that its an accurate reflection of the changes made as opening the device say nearer the expander or something will give a higher value so need to with until it polls in whilst in its new position.

for the back box alone to have that effect, I would have expected some large metal objects close to the original unit. I would like a photo of the device/s in situ, not a close up may help explain what is going on.

A deep back box is cheaper than having another device in between that is for sure.

Just for information and to see if I can see anything obvious that explains the doubling of the signal.
well if the shed wasn't locked and certain things are stored in it its not impossible that larger animals may gain entry. I am sure someone somewhere on here ounce posted about a deer setting off a sensor, or could have been the Texecom forum.

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