Texecom Upgrade to Premier/Ricochet

19 Nov 2011
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Hi Guys, this is my 1st post so Hi (again) :)

I fitted a Texecom Veritas Excel system about 5 years ago. Having no previous experience I'm pleased to say in all that time I have only ever had one of my Pirs fail but the system has been problem free otherwise.

I would now like to upgrade to a Premier 24 Panel so that I can add the Ricochet system. I don't forsee any problems as I will just replace one panel with the other and re-connected the wired zones.

I have read (a bit) about the different ways to wire the contacts/pirs (EOL, etc) but don't really understand why or what they do. I originally wired seperate contacts and tamper and this has worked faultlessly for me. I am of the mind to stick with this when wiring the new panel, otherwise I would need to re-wire each of my sensors. What are your thoughts on this?

One of my main reasons for upgrading is I can use the wireless to protect my garage and new birdroom/aviarys and not worry about wiring getting damaged outside.

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How many zones have you used on yours?

I believe there is a wireless add on they do now.
Hi Alarm, I have all 8 zones in use, one of them connected to Fire detectors and the others connected to door contacts and Pirs throughout the house.

That would be great if there was an addon that worked with the Excel system, from my browsing I thought only the Premier Panels were compatable with the Ricochet and I've not seen any mention on the Texecom site. Please let me know.


I could do some re-working of the zones to free up a zone if required.
Just got to send a email to Texecoms top lad.
Was with him recently and he did show me a unit to add to ANY panel.
Cannot remember if it was out then, or just about to come out.

It has outputs on it you just wire into normal zones.

But there is also other stuff you could use to add one more zone anyway.
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Thanks Alarm, I think if I am able to use my present panel rather than buy a zone expander I would just free up a zone to allow the Ricochet expander to be added and cover the removed zone through a Ricochet sensor. Would save me some work if I can leave my present panel so my fingers are crossed ;)

As soon as I get an answer I`ll post back, should be this weekend.
I`m sure you would rather use Texecom kit than bring in other items.
Are you thinking the IXP-W then Alarm? The 8 zone output unit for connecting to the Ricochet expanders? Think it's available as we were quoting for using one on a job last month.

I'd recommend ditching the existing Excel and going for the Premier, you will never get above 8 zones on the Excel so adding more sensors would mean having to double up a LOT on the zones. A nice shiny new Premier 24 wireless 'kit' (panel, keypad, wireless expander, 3 pir, 1 door and 1 keyfob) would set you back a bit of cash but save you a bit on buying them seperate.
Thanks guys, I did look at those kits but they were more expensive than the one in the link (even after adding the VAT). Ok so I think it would be best just to go ahead and replace the panel with the kit. I've looked over the installation manual for the Premier 24 and it all seems pretty straight forward. Will order next week :cool:

Thanks for all your help.

Alarm, perhaps you can answer this one for me.

The Texecom Premier 48-W Ricochet Complete Kit, this has the wireless built in but can it take my 8 wired zones as is or would I need to also buy a wired zone expander? If the later, I'll just go with the Premier 24 Ricochet kit.

you need the expander if its the 48w plastic version or you can get a 48 metal with 8 zones plus 2 on rkp as a kit, available again.
Hi folks, been a while since I last posted but thought I would let you know I decided to get the Texecom Premier 48-W Ricochet and replace the ageing Excel system.

Going to start work on fitting it next week so hope it is as simple as the original system to fit :rolleyes: At least the wiring and the sounders are already in place.

Will install as wireless 1st but want to expand it with some wired contacts on some doors in my garage once I'm happy it is running in wireless mode correcly.

I'll probably be back

lol Sparky, I did notice that when I made my post. Had the kit about 5 weeks but not had the time to start yet. Doesn't time fly though :D The old systems still working well though so I was able to put it on the back burner ;)

Started to remove the old system this evening and will start the install of the Ricochet system tomorrow.

I was reading through some of the manuals and the kepad manual says a Tag must be held over the Prox symbol. Surely this is just for those using Tags and I don't need a Tag to get the system up and running? I don't intend to use Tags as I have 2 remotes which will be used.


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