Texecom Upgrade to Premier/Ricochet

by the way have you used the aux tamper on the panel ? if not you can use this for your garage bell box tamper, or connect the tamper return of first box to 0v of 2nd box.
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Nearly there now with the full and part alarms programmed. After reading back through some previous posts, i realised I had a mixture of devices on one area and once I sorted that it seemed to come right.

Only one problem, when in "Part Arm" every 30 seconds for a few minutes, I get a chime from the system.

After a few minutes it stops but I can't have that everynight we go to bed after arming the system.
never known that before ? what setting have you got for full set e.g timed ? and is part set on silent ( in area settings ) you are using basic part 1/2 omit and not area arm suites. (not needed)
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Hi Sparky

Full set is set for instant on all areas - as we will be using remote fobs, I saw no reason to have exit or entry times. Also the only keypad is on the top landing outside the bedrooms so wouldn't want to use it for exit/entry.

Part arm is also set for instant and also all areas set for silent.

I did have Suites set up also but just removed all areas from the suites settings and still have the chime for a few minutes after part arming. No problems are highlighted so i'm not sure what to try next.

Sure it's not something silly like you have chime on a pir in bedroom etc? Maybe one your walking around once its part armed and it stops when you all settle down in bed?

Edit: Checked your log for fault events ? Low batt etc.
Hi Jibbeh,

No faults logged and no chimes on either.

Anyway I decided to start with a fresh canves and defaulted the panel thinking anything I had done to cause the problem would be cleared.

Well now I find the panel will not learn any detectors. Learning as for the v2 panel thorough the "Zone Setup" pressing Pir button and connecting the battery at same time. The Panel counts down for several seconds before giving a single beep and displaying the zone is still free. I have already learnt these Pirs previously so I'm sure they are fine.

I have the jumper in the panel set to the commision position so not sure how to proced now. Anyone any ideas?

I really thought this would be a walk in the park, I managed the last Excel panel with no problems.



Very strange, I have made no changes since I made this post but thought I would try again. Low and behold, it has learnt all 3 Pirs.

Seems to be hit or miss trying to learn the devices, this can't be right can it?
All 8 Ricochet sensors/contacts are now re-installed and working perfectly but I have come up against a brick wall trying to get the key fobs learnt again.

Users > yes > omit > no, countdown begins and I activate a fob a few seconds later I get single beep and back to the screen saying FREE

I've gone through the delete process as well. Tried from the panel and from the virtual keypad within wintex.

I've run out of things to try, did think about defaulting the system again but the thought of going around removing the devices to re-learn them doesn't fill me with joy :(
Well I have defaulted the panel several times now and it point blank refuses to accept ANY of my devices now as well.

I have informed supplier and await a returns confirmation to have have the panel replaced. There is nothing more I can do and I've spent hours this morning trying over and over again.

Looks like a great system and I won't let this blip put me off Texecom, the last system worked faultlessly for several years being used every single day.

Thanks for your help guys.

Sorry we couldnt help you more, sadly not had the pleasure of the new ricochet stuff from Texecom.
No problem Jibbeh, I have spoken with Paul from Texecom and he is as stumped about this as we are.

He is going to look into it more at the office tomorrow and get back to me.

I'm hoping I don't need to return the panel and it can be sorted without removing the damn thing :D

I'll post back the outcome here.

thats not the first time with texecom, but i fit them and think they are a great panel, but sometimes well say no more.... lol
Just received my replacement panel but although it states it is a 48-W I think I have been supplied with a V1 or an export model, it does not have 4 wired zones which I require. Also it is the open power supply not the fully enclosed supply which was in my last panel.

I'm going to get in touch and let them know I need the panel with the wired zones and they can also refund my postage :mad:


Just checked... V9.02 Is this an export panel? It has a sticker on the board that says EXPORT
I'd suspect your first panel was the New Premier Elite range and the 2nd panel is the older Premier range. New Elite comes with 4 zones, older doesnt.
You are correct M8, checked my original order description states newer model and 4 wired zones. Maybe it was a genuine oversight but I need the wired zones for my smoke detectors so going to have to insist on like for like replacement panel.


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