Texecom Upgrade to Premier/Ricochet

take a look at this on you tube Premier Elite 48-W.m4v

have you altered any switches on the pcb ?
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No sparky, didn't alter anything. Obviously looked at them for some clues but setup as per default. Will go and look at that link now. On a positive note it accepted a wired pir no problem.


Edit... sorry sparky your link..errr isn't one ;) i'll see if I can find it though.

Found it M8, yes the Texecom video which I saw before deciding to purchase. Been doing what it says to learn the device but not working for me :rolleyes: I'm beining to think I need to return to shop but will wait till i hear from Texecom.

If all had worked as it should I'd have finished replacing the system today..typical though, nothing is always straight forward.

I might try one final default bootup before moving on to other stuff that needs doing around here :LOL:

Na, didn't work after re-boot same EXP tamper returns :(

Thanks again.
Just a thought while I wait for Texecom to get back to me , on my old Veritas system I used to use the Bell Hold Off mode anytime I needed to work on the system or even just change the battery but I see no mention of it in the manuals. Is it not supported on the Ricochet systems?

Ok for anyone interested, I've had a reply from Texecom on the EXP 1,1 Tamper. This relates to the Commissioning jumper on the board and is normal while in this mode. Would be nice if it was mentioned though, but I suppose the pro installers would be aware of this.

The issue relating to not learning devices is there are 2 versions of the panels and in V1 learning is done through configure radio mode (as stated in the manual) but V2 is done in zone setup from zone 9, by pressing reset, something that is not mentioned in any documents I have or I have missed it completely.

Anyway looks like I have V2 so when I get home this evening from work I'll give it a go and let you know if I'm up and running.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel :LOL:

I've learned 6 out of my 7 devices but one PIR refuses to be found, tried another battery even though it lights up ok but no change so I'll see about getting that one replaced.

Now I'll sit down and look at the programming...too late and cold to go about placing them in their final positions but talking about cold, 2 of the contacts will be placed outside in the garage, does anyone know if the cold affects them or battery life or any other issues?

Also in the garage I was going to connect some hardwired contacts through the wireless device could I connect say 2 or more contacts in series?

you can wire two contacts in series no problem,dont think the cold will be too much of a problem as long as they dont get wet.
I think I'm missing something. I have the devices learnt and all on Area A. My two remote keys are learnt and are arming/unarming the system but none of my Pirs or door contacts seem to be awake. Any idea what i have missed? I don't have any wireless devices showing in Ricochet diagnostics in Wintex.

Hi Sparky, yes they were mapped to zones. I wasn't sure what you ment at 1st but because the devices are learnt through the Zones menu on the V2 I'm sure they are mapped during this process, and I set the attributes.

Anyway, this evening when I went back to work on it, I found that I wasn't getting a response from the 2 working PIRs even though it showed them as learnt on the keypad and in Wintex. I removed them and re-learnt them and all seems to be fine now. Did a couple of walk tests and all Pirs and contacts are communicating.

However I still don't have any devices apart from the panel showing in the Ricochet Monitor program. Zero devices and 0 Smart keys showing.

The panel in the monitor shows...

Network No: 0
Panel No: 0
Mode: Operational

Any idea on this one?

Ok so got the Ricochet monitor working, in the end I reinstalled wintex and hey presto it's working :cool:

So I have another question - I have setup a part set which arms downstairs and the garage but leaves upstairs unarmed.

I tried it earlier and it worked fine, my wife then went upstairs to do some stuff and was in and out both bedrooms and no problems.

Later while she was still upstairs, I tried the part set again and it went into alarm from the Pir in the main bedroom where she was. Can anyone suggest why? The bedrooms are ommited from the part setting so why would it check the status of those Pirs?

I've looked through all the settings and can't see anything obvious, but what I did notice that the Pir was showing activity in the room (within Ricochet Monitor) long after she had left, making it impossible to arm the system. Like it wasn't clearing the last movement detected.

And probably one very last question to finish the installation.. I have purchased another Odyssey 3e to fit to the garage but I'm not understanding the instructions to install multiple units. I thought running the tamper in series back to the panel would be enough? I'm not understanding the bit about connecting MSW 2 to spare core?


ok what did you do to part set it ? part scroll down and yes ? just a thing to check i installed a panel for my mates mum and she set it off a few times at night, when i checked the log she had double pressed the the down key and had part 2 set the system ( set them both the same now) check the log on the panel.
Sorry Sparky, that is the least of my problems :LOL: I'm in a right mess with the programming, areas/suites not doing what I expect but I'll keep working on it.


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