Texecom Upgrade to Premier/Ricochet

Me again :LOL:

I've got the replacement 48-w installed now and all devices have been learnt without issue this time :cool:

I'm working through the programming and I have it setup as I want it I think, but I'm having issues with the wireless Pirs.

I can walk test all the wireless contacts and wired pirs without problems but once the wireless Pirs have been activated they seem to take a very long time to reset, they show as active in Ricochet monitor for at least 5 mins possibly longer. Is there something I'm missing here, a setting perhaps that I'm overlooking?

If I try to arm the system while they are showing active, it fails.

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Yes they are showing alarm and flashing red, all other bars show green. The contacts clear right away but not the Pirs. I've not had a chance to look more into it yet.

bit strange that as i fitted a 48 metal kit last week and one of the pirs was doing this when you down powered the pir it acted as normal for about 2 mins then started flashing red. replaced it with another and it was ok. not having much luck with the texecom are you ! this is why you cant beat hardwired ...... lol
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The system is working perfectly apart from this and now I have a 2nd Pir acting the same way :mad:

I have armed the system over the last two nights with the Pirs omitted and it has worked perfectly with the Contact-W's, wired Pirs and the smoke detectors tested and working 24hours as expected. The Pirs do eventually clear after about 15 mins :confused:

I've asked the tech guys if they know what the hell is going on.


And in case anyone asks, I've deleted the Pirs from the system and re-learnt them but the issue remains. :confused:

Does it not say in the instruction manual that you have to wait 15-20 minutes for everything to settle down?

I didn't see that M8 but I'll go and have another read ;) So if it does indead work this way and someone was to inadvertantly activate one of the Pirs, they would need to wait 15min before they can arm the system again or omit it? Or maybe it is removed from the system during arming? I'll let you know.

Must say I do like the system, even with the few niggles I've had and I really like the fact I can cover the garage and out buildings with the wireless contacts and not worry about running cables.

No the 15 minute is a settle time after you have first powered everything up, during the 15 minutes if connected to ricochet monitor you are likely to see the devices appearing to stay active, after this time they should react properly every time, for example they go red, then they flash a few times green to show communication, and then go back to normal.
Thats not what I'm experiencing though. I armed the system and deliberately walked into the zone to set the Pir off. Worked fine, reset the system and tried to re-arm again to check another pir (I did not have external siren connected so wasn't worried about annoying neighbours). However the system reported the prevoius Pir still in alarm even though no one was in the room for at least a few minutes and failed to arm.

Thats when I noticed the Pir still in a state of alarm in Ricochet monitor and it remained so at least for 12 minutes.

OK looks like i was barking up the wrong tree, i have no idea what is causing this.
right a couple of things first go to global / config and untick 10,34,37 options save and send for a start, then go to zones and make all zones by drop down box unused , save then send to control panel. this should clear all zone faults. do you have a jumper link if so fit it on the tamper disable link on the pcb as i think the exp tamp 1,1 may be the lid on the panel
Hi Sparky ..just a quick hello and to say thanks for your postings as I am at the same stage with my 12-w panel as giuzzee and iam reading your post as and when you answer ..many thanks Sparekey
EXP 1,1 tamp or radio RX tamper relate to the commissioning mode jumper on the -W panels and it can be taken out of commissioning mode just by moving the jumper back.

The built in wireless expander is effectively expander address 1.

I think its recommended that you leave the system in commissioning mode for at least 15 minutes after the last device has been learned on.

If you are having problems with PIRs, switch them to always awake mode, the pir should respond normally every time its activated, if that's the case switch back auto mode (detector sleeps ), the device should work, if its a DT then the mode should be hybrid.

If you down power the panel, and having issues with your pirs, put the system into walk test and that should wake them up, after completing the walk test exit normally and try the system.

If you down power a PIR, I have heard that pressing the tamper switch a few times before putting the battery back in can help, as some experience problems when taking batteries in and out but think that was some of the earlier devices.

I have had very few problems to be honest just the odd dicky device, but on MT2 you can sometimes see a device fault in the ricochet diagnostics menu.

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